May 1, 2015

MFA 2015 thesis exhibition

University of Oregon
John Tolles, Flowers Gold (detail), from the series “Flowers,” 2015. Latex paint, mylar, industrial foam, 96 x 96 inches.

Exhibiting artists:
Farhad Bahram / Fei Chen / Matt Christy / Alex Krajkowski / Anne Magratten / Andrew Oslovar / Brandon Siscoe / Megan St. Clair / John Tolles / Jessie Rose Vala

The University of Oregon Department of Art 2015 MFA thesis exhibition presents the culminating work of ten master of fine arts graduate students. In the exhibition’s catalog essay, Christie Hajela, graduate student in the UO Department of the History of Art and Architecture, says, “Collectively, the third-year MFA students invite us to explore the possibilities of the spaces in between their similarities and differences. There are no strict physical boundaries demarcating the end of one artist’s work and the beginning of another’s in this exhibition, and this nebulous ‘in-between’ space ultimately aligns with the thematic intersection of these artists and their otherwise eclectic practices.”

The Department of Art’s interdisciplinary graduate program encourages students to work across disciplines, with focus in areas of sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, digital arts, ceramics, fibers, and jewelry and metalsmithing. The MFA program is a three-year course of study that involves rigorous studio investigation, critical discourse, and conceptual development. Emphasis is placed on developing a curriculum tailored to the needs of the individual student while encouraging exploration and risk-taking.

In the catalog, Hajela cites the work of French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930–2004) and his essay “Différance.” In an excerpt from her essay, she says, “Derrida describes the structure of his discussion of differance through ‘assemblage,’ which reflects the ‘structure of an interlacing, a weaving, or a web, which would allow the different threads and different lines of sense or force to separate again, as well as being ready to bind others together.'” Viewers are invited to visit the exhibition, pick up an exhibition catalog that includes the complete essay and images of the work, and learn more about the explorations of the UO’s newest contemporary artists.

For more information, please contact UO Department of Art at T +541 346 3610, or Director of Graduate Studies, Assistant Professor, Christopher Michlig at [email protected].

University of Oregon
Department of Art
5232 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5232

More information
Department of Art lecture series

Art faculty
Carla Bengtson, Diedrick Brackens, Tannaz Farsi, Brian Gillis, Craig Hickman, Colin Ives, Anya Kivarkis, Ruth Koelewyn, Jenny Lin, Sylvan Lionni, Charlene Liu, Euan Macdonald, Christopher Michlig, Donald Morgan, Dan Powell, Jack Ryan, Michael Salter, Rick Silva, Ying Tan, Laura Vandenburgh, Kate Wagle, Terri Warpinski, Amanda Wojick

Art adjunct faculty
Mike Bray, Rebecca Childers, Isami Ching, Colleen Choquette-Raphael, Alison Ho, John Park, Jan Reaves, Jessica Swanson, Ty Warren

Art History faculty
Nina Amstutz, Joyce Cheng, Keith Eggener, James G. Harper, Ocean Howell, Maile Hutterer, Jeffrey M. Hurwit, Charles H. Lachman, Jenny Lin, Kate Mondloch, Richard A. Sundt, Akiko Walley

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