July 30, 2015

Call for applications: Artistic research fellowship

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at University of Bergen
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Sound intervention in Public Space. Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum.

About the fellowship programme
Artistic research is at the centre of the programme. Unlike an artist’s grant to develop and exhibit one or more specific ideas, you need to explain what, why and how you want to research your ideas, as well as to be able to define the relevant field of research in order for us to assess whether KHiB is the appropriate institution for your application and, if not, possibly to recommend an alternative institution.

About you as an applicant
You must have the following qualifications:

1. Documented and recognised artistic activity/development of high international standard
2. MA from Norway or abroad or corresponding documented knowledge

Please include a formal academic qualification as a lecturer. Should you not have one, then you will need to attach the relevant documentation of your artistic achievements for assessment.

Should you already have completed a PhD in a related area or have received recognition as a senior lecturer, then you are overqualified and cannot apply.

About the application process
Submit an outline of the project (minimum 500 words) and your CV by email by 1 September at the latest to KHiB Adviser for Art and Design Research and Development ([email protected]).

We will then contact you in September/October. The rest of the application process runs until June the following year and includes the important dates listed below:

19 August
Open information meeting for potential applicants at KHiB, Strømgaten 1, Bergen at 13h.

1 September
Deadline to submit minimum 500 word outline and your CV to Research Adviser

1 December
Deadline for submission of a complete draft application, including all attachments (see the list on the application form) to the Research Adviser

Internal interviews at KHiB
Deadline for final submission of complete applications to the Research Adviser for institutional submission

Possible interviews with the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme

Application form
The process requires you to complete the application form (download from the website of The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme) and enclose the following attachments:

– Project description: The definition of your field of research and themes, issues and the choice of working and forms of presentation
– Documentation of relevant artistic activities
– Documentation of formal academic qualifications, or relevant documentation of your artistic  activities for an assessment (see “About the applicant” above)
– Time schedule for your research including milestones
– Budget plan
– Proposed supervisors
– Documentation of artistic activity

Please see detailed information on each item and guidelines about the entire application process at the website of The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

Thank you!

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