September 17, 2015

Experimental Design of New Technologies Professorship

University of the Arts Bremen
Courtesy of University of the Arts Bremen.

The University of the Arts Bremen offers a varied range of studies in the fields of art, design and music, facilitating productive and inclusive dialogue between the courses.

The Art & Design Faculty at the University of the Arts Bremen is looking to fill a Professorship for Experimental Design of New Technologies (Bes.-Gr. (pay bracket) W-2) for a fixed term of five years (reference WP 15/04) starting as soon as possible.

We are looking for an outstanding and eminent person with extensive experience in the design and application of new technologies.

By “new technologies,” we mean technological developments in the most diverse areas, which may be of a digital nature in the future, but do not have to be. The tasks will include developing this as a new field at the University of the Arts Bremen, teaching of appropriate fundamental content for various courses as well as researching the critical and innovative potentials of “new technologies” with design/artistic means, methods and objectives.

The position will be established primarily in the Digital Media course, which is offered in cooperation with Bremen University. The position should also emphatically have an interdisciplinary influence on the Integrated Design and Fine Arts courses.

The requirements are a university degree in a relevant subject area, as well as:
–Outstanding art and design qualifications (e.g. publications, exhibitions, awards or prizes)
–Proven research experience in the new technologies, particularly in connection with art and design
–Technical and practical knowledge of and skills in new (digital) technologies
–The ability and willingness to teach in both English and German
–The willingness to develop interdisciplinary collaboration with the Fine Arts and Integrated Design courses as well as the Faculty of Music

Expected, furthermore, is an aptitude for teaching proven through experience (usually at least one year’s teaching experience is required); also expected are the willingness to actively participate in the development of the University of the Arts Bremen, to cooperate with colleagues, to engage in interdisciplinary projects, and to contribute to the academic self-government boards.

In addition, the recruitment requirements pursuant to section 116 of the Bremen Code for Public Employees apply.

General information:
The University of the Arts Bremen is striving towards an increased proportion of women in the academic field and is very keen to invite female academics to apply.

Severely disabled applicants will be given precedence if their professional and personal suitability are roughly equivalent.

The University of the Arts Bremen was the first university of the arts and music in Germany to be certified “family friendly” as early as 2008.

Applications from people with an immigrant background are welcomed.
Please send applications with the usual documents, quoting reference WP 15/04,
to Rektor der Hochschule für Künste Bremen, attention of Ms Schulz:
Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen by 15 October 2015.



Art & Design Faculty at the University of the Arts Bremen Professorship for Experimental Design of New Technologies

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