September 22, 2015

Directories of Graduate Programs in the Arts – 2015 editions

College Art Association (CAA)

The College Art Association now offers new editions of Graduate Programs in Art History and Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts, containing up-to-date information about 600+ graduate programs in 350 schools in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond (see sample entries). The revised editions are available for pre-sale, with a shipping date of September 30.

Each program entry provides a wealth of details in one comprehensible resource, enabling prospective graduate students to make informed choices. The directories are a key professional reference for career services representatives, department chairs, graduate and undergraduate advisors, librarians, professional practices educators, and professors helping an emerging generation of artists and scholars find success.

Graduate Programs in Art History: The CAA Directory contains 250 graduate programs in art and architectural history, arts administration, curatorial and museum studies, and library science. Organized alphabetically by institution name, entries describe curricula, class size, faculty specializations, admission and degree requirements, library facilities, opportunities for fellowships and assistantships, financial aid information, housing and health insurance availability, and more. Geographic and alphabetical indexes are included.

Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts: The CAA Directory includes 350 graduate programs in studio art and design (including digital media, object design, and other forms), art education, conservation and historic preservation, and film production. Organized similarly to Graduate Programs in Art History, this volume also provides information about studio facilities, including health and safety information.

CAA also offers PDFs of individual programs (updated in 2015) free of charge. Anyone can search the directories online by program type, faculty specialization, awarded degrees, country, region, state, availability of health insurance, and whether or not part-time students are admitted, or browse the directories by institution and download up to 20 individual institutional records as PDFs.

For more details, visit the CAA website. For questions about purchasing, please contact Roberta Lawson at [email protected] or T +2123924404.


About CAA
The College Art Association is the world’s largest professional association for artists, art historians, arts professionals, and arts organizations. CAA serves as an advocate and a resource for individuals and institutions nationally and internationally by offering forums to discuss the latest developments in the visual arts and art history through its annual conference, publications, exhibitions, website, and other programs, services, and events. CAA focuses on a wide range of advocacy issues, including education in the arts, freedom of expression, intellectual-property rights, cultural heritage and preservation, workforce topics in universities and museums, and access to networked information technologies. Representing its members’ professional needs since 1911, CAA is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards of scholarship, creativity, criticism, and teaching.

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