September 25, 2015

“Rethinking Latin American Art and Culture”

Columbia University
© Jaime Davidovich 2015.

As part of the modern design of the world in the past two centuries, Latin America has played an active role in generating and reformulating new cultural discourses and projects that have sought to interpellate hegemonic voices. “Rethinking Latin American Art and Culture” brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines and with different geopolitical expertise to explore decisive moments of this history.

Noon: Introduction
Graciela Montaldo (Columbia University) and Alexander Alberro (Barnard College)

12:15pm: Panel one
Rachel Price (Princeton University)
Mariano Siskind (Harvard University)
Pedro Erber (Cornell University)
Discussant: Karen Benezra (Columbia University)

2:30pm: Break

3pm: Panel two
Daniel Quiles (Art Institute of Chicago)
Samuel Steinberg (University of Southern California)
Natalia Brizuela (University of California, Berkeley)
Discussant: Fernando Degiovanni (CUNY Graduate Center)


"Rethinking Latin American Art and Culture" at Columbia University

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