November 23, 2015

El aire entre las cosas (The Air in Between)


Participants: Fernanda Barreto, Daniela Bojórquez Vértiz, Ricardo Cárdenas, Pedro Hernández Martínez, Isauro Huizar, Laura Meza-Orozco, Jael Orea, Kristin Reger, Marcela Rico.

Two points of view are evident in this exhibition: one of distance and one of separation. In the first point of view, the gaze and memory demarcate a repetition of time. In the second, collectivity creates the possibility of pluralism. In this way, The Air in Between is nothing more that an physical-historical space. It is through this approach that the artists graduating this year from the Academic program at SOMA establish relationships between the representation of images, objects and situations involving the complicity of others. As a consequence, different presences and absences are both vanished and revealed, allowing new vocabularies and references to be generated.

The first notion of distance lies in the artists’ interest in problematizing the history of the gaze through various antagonisms. Therefore, it is a rhetorical space that questions our ability to see the works while being confronted by the boundaries which condition our perception. The second notion of distance is apparent in the pieces that manifest the relationship between time and memory. In these cases, distance is defined by duration, intervals and stages, which make it possible to review and rethink the reading of history.

Finally, the second viewpoint of separation is likened to the notion of collectivity, which produces distances and isolations delineating the space between people. Here, it is a togetherness with the Other that produces proximities, new vocabularies and social dialogues.

The result is a number of varying interludes and pauses that allow our perceptions to be transformed. The Air in Between is ultimately an imperceptible and incorporeal space that makes possible the distance requiere to reexamine and illustrate history.

Andrea Torreblanca
Guest Tutor, Academic Program SOMA

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