December 1, 2015

Little Sister (is watching you too)

Pratt Manhattan Gallery
Trevor Paglen, aerial photograph of the National Security Agency. Open source digital image. Commissioned by Creative Time Reports, 2013.

Artists: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, James Bridle, Paolo Cirio, R. Luke DuBois, Trevor Paglen, Nancy Paterson and IXmaps project team (Andrew Clement, Colin McCann, Antonio Gamba, Jonathan Obar, David Madison, Dawn Walker), YoHa (Matsuko Yokokoji and Graham Harwood) with Matthew Fuller

Curated by Christiane Paul


“Technology has taken us by surprise, and the regions that it has opened up are still glaringly empty.”
Siegfried Kracauer, The Mass Ornament 

Little Sister (is watching you, too) features artworks and activist projects that look back at the apparatus of government agencies and systems of control, addressing issues surrounding ethics and accountability, as well as the visual and sonic vocabulary, used to see or hear the individual and/or systems of power. Rather than focusing on surveillance or “sousveillance” per se, the show asks questions about the limits of transparency and visualization and explores how data analysis is shaping decisions, civic rights, and liberties.

How are we being watched and how are we watching government agencies and systems of control? What are the differences between how citizens see the state apparatus and how systems of power see the citizen? Where are the boundaries between the protector and traitor, and when do we need to protect ourselves from our protectors—the governments that are trying to ensure our safety?

Many of the projects in the exhibition engage in what is referred to as open-source intelligence (OSINT), gathering intelligence from publicly available sources.



Little Sister (is watching you too) at Pratt Manhattan Gallery

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