January 8, 2016

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation AAMC Affiliated Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome

Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC) and AAMC Foundation
Courtesy of the Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC) and AAMC Foundation.

The Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC) and the American Academy in Rome (AAR) and are pleased to announce the third year of The Samuel H. Kress Foundation AAMC Affiliated Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. The program is intended to honor exceptional curatorial vision and help curators advance deserving projects. The purpose of the award is to provide essential funding for curators to develop projects that require research in Italy.

While the AAR is the physical base for the month of the Fellowship, the project may be on any Italian subject; thus the topic and research need not be Rome-specific. The city’s artistic patrimonies, as well as the rich content of its museums, libraries, and archives, are portals to conducting work on myriad Italian subjects from all arts disciplines and time periods. Day trips or an occasional over-night trip to other cities are permissible, given the proximity of so many places to Rome by train: Florence, Milan, Naples, etc., as well as smaller locales that might have artworks or documents key to a specific endeavor.

The Affiliated Fellowship is a four-week appointment at the AAR, which includes housing, six lunches and five dinners a week, and access to residence hall kitchens; 1,500 USD in airfare; and 2,000 USD stipend. Affiliated Fellows have access to all the AAR facilities (including 24-hour a day access to the library and overall grounds) and all activities that occur at the Academy, such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, and tours, etc. If desired, the Fellow can also schedule to give a talk about their project at the AAR during the Fellowship.

For more information, please

–Open to AAMC members in good standing, including full-time institutional curators, independent curators and adjunct members.
–Research can be exhibition related or for written scholarly work, but should not be in conjunction with completing a dissertation.
–Applicant is required to list preferred period of residency, indicating a first and second choice.
–A letter of support from institution director, project director and/or host of project. Please see Recommendation Form for more information.
–Priority will be given to those in institutions without funds to support research travel.

Reporting and other requirements
Curator and institution (if applicable) agree to:
–Acknowledge the Fellowship’s support in publicity materials and news releases related to the project.
–Submit a final written report to the AAMC and AAR within one month of Fellowship summarizing the goals, activities, and results of the support.
–Complete questionnaire provided by the AAR.

Application procedure
Please submit one original hard copy of the following materials, unbound, in one package to the AAMC office, via mail.  Please also submit one copy of all the material below in digital format to [email protected].
–Completed application form.
–Description of the project: limited to two pages.
–Statement of interest in the Fellowship, including why the research can only be done in Italy, with a base in Rome.
–List of archives, institutions, sites, and libraries that will be utilized during your research. Please be realistic  and take into consideration the limitations that permission for access, open hours, and other factors could have on your research schedule.
–Descriptive timeline with proposed activities that the Fellowship will make possible.
–Letter of support from institution director, project director and/or host of project that confirms the viability of the project and ability of the applicant to be in Rome for four continuous weeks.  Please see the Recommendation Form for guidelines.
–List of other sources of funding, including from one’s own institution, that you have sought, noting if the funding was awarded or if it was not.
–Curriculum vitae of the curator.
–If related to the proposed project, web links to exhibitions, publications, or research.

Please note: no additional materials will be accepted or reviewed in consideration of this Fellowship. Please do not send catalogues or volumes of press materials.

Deadline and notification
All materials must be received in the AAMC office by January 18, 2016.
Notification of Fellowship Award will be made in February 2016.



The Samuel H. Kress Foundation AAMC Affiliated Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome

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