February 2, 2016

Social & Studio Practice degrees

Moore College of Art & Design
Rick Lowe, “In/Out Symposium,” 2015. Photo: Steve Weinik.

Learn more! Click here to watch a video of Graduate Studies candidates and Director of Social & Studio Practices Daniel Tucker share their insights about these unique programs.

Moore College of Art & Design is dedicated to excellence in art and design and producing graduates that distinguish themselves as leaders in their fields. Moore’s Social and Studio Practices is unique in its fusion of making, research and action in contemporary art and offers three low-residency graduate degrees: MA in Social Engagement, MFA in Community Practice and MFA in Studio Art.

“We are bringing lots of people together at Moore! The students we are attracting and the faculty we have hired in the first year of these programs are proving that a wide range of people from social workers and activists to solo artists and museum administrators want to have a critical conversation with one another about the relationship between ‘place’ and ‘art.’ Through our summer symposium we brought in Rick Lowe, Chicago Torture Justice Memorials, IMI Corona, Walidah Imarisha and others for a weekend long gathering on the theme of time as an invisible medium in socially-engaged art. This summer we will focus on the theme “Attention/Intention: Ethics in Socially-Engaged Art” and hope you will all join us over the weekend of July 22–23, 2016. We hope you will join us in these conversations.”
–Daniel Tucker

The MA in Social Engagement is focused on the practices that facilitate and administer socially-engaged art and explore the ethics, authorship and history of community-based art. The MFA in Community Practice critically investigates the convergence of studio and community-based art practices taking place in a wide variety of local and global contexts. The MFA in Studio Art’s program emphasizes rigorous and immersive study in fine art studio practice and challenges the artist to confront both practical and philosophical concerns facing artists today.

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