February 11, 2016

THE SOCIAL: 4th International Association for Visual Culture Biennial Conference ([email protected]/* */)

Boston University Metropolitan College (MET)
Murat Germen, Forum in Abbasaga Park, Istanbul during Gezi Resistance, 2013.

THE SOCIAL is the title of the 4th International Association for Visual Culture Biennial Conference ([email protected]). Hosted by Boston University’s Arts Administration program, the conference wishes to challenge and alter traditional academic interpretations and deal passionately with issues and topics that analyze, describe, and envision ways and means to engage with what is left of the concept of society and social values in order to create a “world picture” of contemporary times.

Analyses that explore the current failures or failing status of contemporary society and its revolts will take the form of events, panels, and exhibitions in Athens, Istanbul, London, New York, and internationally, leading up to the main conference September 29 through October 1, in Boston.

The conference is divided into six half-day sections—each one corresponding to a sub-theme within the larger structure. These sub-themes are conceived in the broadest possible sense and will accommodate a variety of perspectives and interpretations from a wide range of fields and scholarly areas of investigation:

–Social Incarceration
–Reverberations of Art, Politics, and Violence from the Mediterranean
–The Social in Visual Culture
–Post-Society and Financial Exsanguination
–Revolutions, Free Speech, Radicalization, and Social Media
–Art and Society

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Call for papers
For THE SOCIAL, Boston University Arts Administration invites contributors to present papers and projects that explore visions of social democracy, visualization of the contemporary economic crisis, interpretations and analysis of revolts, data enslavement, and rebellious usages of contemporary digital media. [email protected] promotes international collaborations, papers, and events on post-democracy, post-society, anger, violence, future visions, crisis, zombie democracies, social media, neo-slavery, post-capitalism, post-data, social evolution, revolution, actionism, post-state, interventionism, cannibalizing corporativism, post-colonialism, economic vampirism, neo-serfs, globalized thievery, art activism, red art, insurrectional art, and social exploitation.

Please submit 200–300 word abstracts by April 10 to: [email protected].

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Boston University will host the 4th International Association for Visual Culture Biennial Conference (IAVC2016) in Boston 

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