February 22, 2016

Master Information Design

Design Academy Eindhoven
Hannah Hiecke, Information Fragmentor, 2014. Photo material of news papers.

The information age empowers individuals to understand, explore and shape their surroundings in a way that is unprecedented in terms of speed and scale. Despite all the new tools and technologies, the world seems more complicated than ever. It is in need of new ideas, methods and personalities to map the data describing our individual and collective patterns of behaviour, transactions and thoughts, and translating these to their essence.

Every new technology transforms the nature of design; digital technology has fundamentally changed the role of graphic designers. A new balance has to be found between those who publish information and those who study it. Designing news and designing knowledge are therefore essential themes within our programme. Technology has also opened up the field of design itself; allowing designers to create their own design tools and thus expand the notion of what a product is.

At the Information Design master we introduce students to new practices and challenge them to experiment and find their own approach, in order to create their own systems and recipes. We question them on new positions and collaborations that technology has brought. This process forces them to develop an active knowledge of their profession and the broader cultural field, in order to understand the connotations of their individual expression.

Designing information is a multidisciplinary effort, and therefore students of the master Information Design have varied backgrounds as designers, journalists, scientists and design managers.

Completing the Master Course at DAE will lead to the title Master in Design (MA in design).

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Judith Konz, Programme manager Masters: [email protected]



Master Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven

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