August 1, 2016

Issue 1: “Feral” and e-book 1: Re-structure Conference Proceedings

Unlikely – Journal for Creative Arts
(1) Ian Andrews, Ruark Lewis and Eric Bridgeman, And… Fractured Feral Tales, 2013. Performance. Photo: Leesa Geere. (2) Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier, Re-structure, 2016. Publication cover.

Unlikely is a transdisciplinary journal, which opens unexpected spaces for artistic exchange and scholarly conversations across mediums, disciplines and continents. Unlikely supports the research community of practitioners, makers, and scholars working in the creative arts.

This international, peer-reviewed publication presents the opportunity for artists working in practice-led research to engage in conversation with a range of arts scholars on contemporary concerns. As an experiment in form, Unlikely engages its audience and contributors in a two-stage process of live event, presenting creative practitioners’ works, followed by peer-reviewed electronic publication.

Unlikely journal welcomes proposals that respond to the provocation of each issue and contributes to the conversation about practice-led research in the arts. It welcomes proposals for guest-edited issues.


Journal issue 1: “Feral”
Guest editors: Alexis Harley and Norie Neumark
Contributors: Rebecca A. Adelman, Helen Addison-Smith, Ian Andrews & Eric Bridgeman & Ruark Lewis, Ben Byrne & Dale Gorfinkel & Anthony Magen, Emily Carr, Gonzalo Ceballos & Renuka Rajiv, Robyn Ferrell, Katherine Gibson & Kate Rich, Silvana Iannello, Hester Joyce and Nick Moore.

Undisciplined, disorderly, and extravagant, ferals disrupt and rewrite practices, places, and cultures. To be or do “feral” is to misbehave, to disregard rules, boundaries and the very conditions of orderly movement. Ferals are both above and beneath domestication, un-homely, unstable, uncanny.

The works in this issue examine or enact the stigmatization or the celebration of ferals, investigate or dismantle the cultural category “feral,” or themselves refuse domestication, go wild, and participate in the dismantling of stable ecologies. They include transdisciplinary or cross arts works, including writing, performance, media art, sound work, video.

Across the various contributions, feralness emerges as a condition of contingency and relationship. The diverse works in this issue are unified by their interest in feral aesthetics and sentiments.


E-book 1: Re-structure Conference Proceedings
Editors: Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier and Hugh Davies
Contributors: Stephen Healy, Maria Miranda, Grace McQuilten and Anthony White, Jon Hawkes, Katherine McKinnon, Vic McEwan and Joan Staples.

Budget cuts proposed by the Australian Abbott government in 2013 instigated a proliferation of restructures across the public sector. These restructures are and will have far reaching impacts on culture and education.

The Re-structure conference in 2014 looked at the current state of the arts, and considered alternative modes of culture and knowledge production within times of shrinking public expenditures. Involving participants from performance, fashion, creative arts, gaming, media and community intervention, the event explored both broader sustainable strategies as well as “clever partial solutions” to cultural and knowledge production in a “post-public” sector environment.

The e-book features peer-reviewed articles by the contributors in which they expand on their conference presentations. Additionally, it includes a non-peer-reviewed section with art works as well as international contributions by Geert Lovink, Seb Olma & Ned Rossiter and Mercedes Bunz.


Expression of Interest to edit an issue of Unlikely
Unlikely welcomes proposals for guest-edited issues, including the two-stage process of live event, presenting creative practitioners’ works, followed by peer-reviewed electronic publication.

Please send proposals to [email protected]

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Unlikely: Journal for Creative Arts issue 1 and e-book 1

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