September 7, 2016

Seeking Director

École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux
Courtesy École d’Enseignement Supérieur d’Art de Bordeaux.

Standing in the heart of the city and its metropolis, the School of Higher Education in the Arts of Bordeaux is committed to forming partnerships and stimulating a dynamic artistic campus for young creators, of which it is a major player. As a cultural establishment, it thus participates in the activation of the principal elements of the cultural policy as well as higher education in Bordeaux and its metropolis.

Located in the center of the “New Aquitaine” region, the school is part of the Community of Universities and Establishments of higher education in Aquitaine (CUEA), having long had the mission of forming alliances and building projects with the different players in higher education, visual arts and other cultural sectors of the extended region. The evolution of the EBABX public establishment with the arrival of the Agglomeration Cote Basque Adour and Bordeaux Metropolis in its governance for the 2017–18 year, is a crucial step in the confirmation of this position.

More specifically, you will be expected to:
–Give impetus to the role of artistic and pedagogical director.
–Be responsible for the visibility of the school.
–Foster and reinforce partnerships and strategic alliances as much on the local level as far as cultural policy is concerned, as in the context of national and international networks connected with contemporary art and higher education, vectors of mobility and professional integration for the students and graduates of the school.
–Contribute to the strengthening of ties with the other artistic establishments of the Sainte-Croix higher education center.
–Pursue a dynamic of the renewal of teaching practices, assuring and developing the conditions for research in a school of higher education in the arts.
–Initiate reflection on the idea of a post-diploma and a third cycle for the school.
–Direct the activities of the school with regard to operations with the support of the team of associated directors of the establishment.
–Promote the sharing of means, the synergy between teams, and the search for diversified individual resources (in particular, patronage or sponsorship) taking into account a financial context in which public funds have certainly become rare.
–Continue the work which has already been begun concerning questions of real estate.

–You have a thorough knowledge of the world of contemporary art and its networks, as well as a familiarity with all of the artistic disciplines. This, combined with your creativity, make you a renowned professional in the world of art and in the cultural sphere.
–You have a great capacity for managing artistic, administrative and teaching teams as well as significant experience in leading projects and managing complex activities involving a wide diversity of fields and areas of expertise/knowledge.
–You have a real aptitude for working within networks and building partnerships in the artistic, business and university spheres on the local, national and international levels. As such, you have proven your ability to work in a transversal manner and in synergy with the cultural players of a territory.
–You have a mastery of languages: in particular, English and French.

Contract conditions
–This is a three-year contract, renewable for periods of three successive years in accordance with the statute of the establishment.
–Your proposal for the artistic, cultural, pedagogical and scientific orientations for the EBABX, along with a curriculum vitae is to be addressed, to the attention of the President of the EBABX, to: [email protected] before October 21.

Candidates who are unanimously approved by public persons will be asked to submit a synthetic report outlining the main axes of their proposal, which will be distributed to all of the members of the Board of Directors of the establishment.

Taking up of responsibilities ideally starts April 1, 2017


For further information, please contact Hervé Alexandre, General Secretary of the EBABX: [email protected]


École d’Enseignement Supérieur d’Art de Bordeaux seeks Director

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