September 12, 2016

Division of Continuing Education fall 2016 courses

School of Visual Arts (SVA)
Anton van Dalen, Self-Portrait with Rabbit Jumping through Computer, 2014. Oil on Canvas, 48 x 64 inches. Photo courtesy PPOW Gallery. © Anton van Dalen.

Embrace your creativity anywhere!  
It is now easier than ever to connect with innovative educational content and global communities of art and design. Get connected this fall with SVA’s online courses. Our fall 2016 online courses include:

Principles of Visual Language: Form and Color
Typography and Identity
Coding for Artists: The Web as Installation Site
Emergent Art Worlds: Alternatives to the Gallery System
The Pow! Creating Art that Packs a Punch
Creative Seeing
Video and Social Media as Agitational Art
#GenderSexPhoto: Queer Studies, Feminist Art
Artist as Philosopher
Writing for Comics
Scriptwriting Workshop


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About SVA
School of Visual Arts has been a leader in the education of artists, designers and creative professionals for more than six decades. With a faculty of distinguished working professionals, dynamic curriculum and an emphasis on critical thinking, SVA is a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility. SVA represents one of the most influential artistic communities in the world.


School of Visual Arts Division of Continuing Education fall 2016 courses

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