September 20, 2016

Call for applications: DAS Theater

DAS Graduate School at Amsterdam University of the Arts

Agustina Muñoz, Stones, 2016. DAS Theatre. Photo: Thomas Lenden.

To professional theatre makers and art workers from all walks of the performing arts:

Are you looking for challenging peer-to-peer exchanges, new input and unexpected artistic experiences? This is exactly how the DAS Theatre programme supports your artistic and professional development. DAS Theatre is a full-time two-year programme, based in a recently renovated building with a broad range of facilities, located in one of the most up-and-coming parts of the city of Amsterdam. It offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree.

DAS Theatre (previously DasArts), DAS Graduate School
Performing arts makers and professionals studying at DAS Theatre define their goals, explore research methods and gradually adopt the appropriate ones to foster their artistic development. Although the focus is on individual development, various components of our two-year Master programme emphasize encounters as their main educational strategy: feedback sessions, theory seminars, practice labs, the ten-week curated Block programme, a two-week student-driven programme, etc.

DAS Theatre is part of the DAS Graduate School, established in 2016 by the Amsterdam University of the Arts to bring its masters, doctorate and research programmes together under one roof. DAS Choreography (application deadline: December 1) and DAS Research are the other departments. Moreover, the DAS Graduate School has transformed the heart of the new building into an open, welcoming locale for gatherings and meetings between the arts, science, education and society.

Early bird assistance 
Early birds can take advantage of our personalised advisory service. If you send your application before the preliminary deadline of October 17 you will receive feedback and advice on improving your application. We understand that studying at DAS Theatre requires a huge commitment. We’d like to help you prepare.

Open Day 
We look forward to welcoming you during our Open Day on November 4. Ask questions about our curriculum, meet the staff, share activities, and see the work of the artists currently studying at DAS Theatre. If you want to attend the Open Day, please send us an email at [email protected].

Application deadline
The application deadline is November 17. For more information about the application procedure and deadline for applications, please visit our website.

Stay informed
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More about DAS Theatre
Theatre makers in a changing world
The arts are facing some real challenges nowadays. The overall political climate is demanding far more entrepreneurial and self-supporting models. In the midst of digital innovations, quests for (new) audiences, and a new sense of responsibility within social and political movements, the performing arts are repositioning themselves. Guest teachers and tutors at DAS Theatre are practitioners and theoreticians who relate to these shifting conditions in different ways.

Expanded Curation 
Amongst other professionals in the performing arts, curators, and (creative) producers also need to redefine their roles and develop new models. By adopting hybrid practices, collaborating with diverse partners and reaching out beyond the artistic realm, they expand the common understanding of their role and contribute to new perspectives for a sustainable art practice.

In the Expanded Curation programme, DAS Theatre offers art workers from all walks of the performing arts an environment in which they can gain specific knowledge and skills, enlarge their international network and sharpen their critical discourse in order to develop their concepts and practices. We facilitate a continuous dialogue between theatre makers and the people who create the conditions and context for artistic work.

Integrating professional activities
Emerging performing arts professionals often have two needs: on the one hand, finding a place and the time to do research in order to develop their practice, and on the other, engaging in professional projects in order to build up their career. DAS Theatre has designed its structure to create room for integrating professional activities in the study course.



Call for applications: DAS Theater, part of DAS Graduate School at Amsterdam University of the Arts

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