November 3, 2016

Theatre Academy: call for applications

University of the Arts Helsinki

Karoliina Kauhanen, 2016. Courtesy of Karoliina Kauhanen.

The University of the Arts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy provides the highest education in the performing arts in Finland. At the Theatre Academy, art, performance, training and research are in constant interaction.

In 2017, the Theatre Academy holds international admissions to Master’s Degree Programmes in Choreography, Dance Performance and Live Art and Performance Studies.

MA Degree programme in Choreography 
The Master’s Degree programme in Choreography is a full-time, two-year study programme. Its intake is biannual and in spring 2017 three to five new students will be accepted into the programme.

The programme emphasizes a historically conscious, yet critical, open, and research-based approach to choreography. In its pedagogy, art and choreography are seen as material discourses which are in a constant flux of interactions with society and its concerns, e.g. ecology, philosophy, theories of performance and artistic methods and practices. Moreover, the programme significantly takes into account the international and discursive nature of how contemporary choreographers work. It is active and takes initiatives with regard to international partnerships and study co-operations.

The programme offers the students a multifaceted learning environment, which supports artistic development, dialogue and collegial cooperation. The programme is committed to cooperating with the other degree programmes and students of the University of the Arts Helsinki, and the Theatre Academy’s performance facilities offer students exceptionally good opportunities for the making of artistic projects that are included in the programme’s curriculum.

More information on the programme

MA Degree programme in Dance Performance
The Master’s Degree programme in Dance Performance is a full-time, two-year study programme. The programme is open to international students and is tuition free for EU / EEA students. The intake is biennial and, in spring 2017, up to fourteen new students will be accepted into the programme.

The core of the studies is versatile research in the practices of a performer in the current frameworks of dance art and other similar art forms. The studies develop students’ skills as performers and independent and reflective artists, and their readiness to function in diverse and variable contexts of dance art. The programme is a continuum of the students’ own artistic research and involves a close collaboration with the students of the choreography programme and a thesis project under the guidance of professional artists.

The programme’s language of teaching and degrees is Finnish and English. The Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Performance accepts international applicants with sufficient proficiency in the English language. Should such applicants be admitted, English will be used in addition to Finnish as the teaching language for the entire class.

Master’s Degree programme in Dance Performance website

MA Degree programme in Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS)
The Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) two-year English-language Masters Programme in Artistic Research at the intersection of Performance Studies and Performance Art/Live Art practices. The intake is biennial and in spring 2017 we will accept seven new students from a variety of fields, cultures and continents. The programme is tuition free for EU / EEA students.

LAPS is especially appropriate for mature and self-directed artists who already have an established practice and life experiences to explore through performance and theory. The programme combines critical thinking, writing and practice structured around 1:1 and group mentoring. Our lecturers and mentors research a diversity of fields, including littoral and community-based practices, political and cultural activism, propaganda studies, philosophy, cognition, cultural studies, anthropology, Asian studies, pleasure & pain, gender and queerness, alternative consciousness, visual art, environmental installation, moving image, new media, and performative writing. We collaborate with Asian and European institutions, international conferences and festivals.

More info on the programme

How to apply
The application period to the University of the Arts Helsinki is January 10 through 25, 2017. See more specific information on the admissions website.

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