November 15, 2016

– I’d rather something ambiguous. Mais précis à la fois.

Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery at Concordia University
Sophie Bélair Clément, 2 mai 2016 18:23, 810 avenue Champagneur, 2016. Courtesy of the artist.

An exhibition project by Sophie Bélair Clément and Marie Claire Forté with Chantal Akerman, Simon Guibord, K8 Hardy, Raphaël Huppé-Alvarez, Alanna Kraaijeveld, Catherine Lalonde, Isabelle Pauwels, Jason Simon, Robin Simpson, Michèle Thériault, and an anonymous contribution

Produced as part of the Leonard & Bina Ellen Program in Support of Artistic Production
Prompted by an invitation from Michèle Thériault, Sophie Bélair Clément and Marie Claire Forté question the impulse to move within the local context of the exhibition and beyond. Together, they work on the idea of being called upon, as well as the shifts and rifts in subjectivity produced by performance imperatives. They consider visibility and its limitations within an exhibition project that engages a constellation of voices, works and events through the contribution of guests.

This project offers responses that would manifest differently were they to be presented elsewhere, were they to have a different address or context. Embracing a process of dialogue between a reduced community of peers and friends, the works are articulated through lived experience. The task of giving an account of oneself calls for unending reframing and updating.

The exhibition includes screenings of Chantal Akerman’s last film No Home Movie and K8 Hardy’s Outfitumentary as well as a reading by Québec writer and poet Catherine Lalonde.


Free admission—wheelchair accessible

For more information on the exhibition and related events, please visit our website.

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