November 24, 2016

Call for applications: Valand Academy MFA in Photography & MFA in Fine Art

University of Gothenburg
Forum 7: “Strike While the Iron is Hot” (Red Ladder Theatre, 1972–74). Rehearsed reading at “Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?” Valand Academy, 2016. Photo: Kjell Caminha.

Hello from Valand Academy!

Looking for an educational context to develop as a Fine Artist or a Fine Art Photographer via MFA study, but want to be more than an anonymous paying number? Know that you have a future contribution to make but need support to work through it more, be in dialogue about it and develop your artistic strategies?

Then consider this…

Valand Academy’s emphasis is on training independent artists in small classes of ten to 12 students at an outward-facing, social, communitarian and peer-learning educational environment of four units: Film, Photography, Literary Composition and Fine Art.

The way we teach is predicated on developing potential and is processual and incremental, attentive and reciprocal, thought provoking and respectful. It is conducted by internationally active practitioners and operates through registers from individual tutoring to group exhibitionary projects and takes various forms including seminars, workshops, debates and fieldwork. Facilities include high-quality workspaces with excellent technical and equipment resources and student-run galleries.

Our institution is built on collaboration and dialogue. Globally connected and partnered, we foster a critical and cosmopolitan approach to investigate what is at stake and how artistic practices may worry at, critique and challenge prevailing conditions. Through multiple platforms and formats we provide you with ways to engage in key debates and meet thinkers and practitioners from across the world, who are also figuring out what is to be practiced now. You’ll be engaged in an environment populated with numerous influential practitioners and researchers and important research projects in: artist-led cultures, social practices, queer cinema, contemporary poetry, and photographic archives/imaging practices in environmental and climate science. We inaugurated practice-based PhD studies in Sweden and these MFAs are preparatory for future study.

Gothenburg is a vibrant port-city at the edge of the ocean with a unique archipelago, and great transit links nationally, across Scandinavia and Europe. The monthly average living cost for a student here is 8000 SEK/month including rent. With 50,000 students it’s a city with a kicking music scene and an arts community that is convivial and welcoming. It includes multiple museums, theatres and events including the Gothenburg Biennial for Contemporary Art, Gothenburg Film Festival, Hasselblad Foundation, Röda Sten Konsthall, multiple artist-led platforms, independent publishers, a great book fair, dance and theatre festivals.

We don’t believe all artists follow the same pathway or come from the same background or heritages.

Join us!
–Duration: two years, full time studies
–Free tuition for EU/EEA nationals
–Competitive scholarships for non-EU/EEA nationals

Thank you!

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