February 7, 2017

Call for applications for fall 2017: One-Year Certificates in Photography

International Center of Photography

Courtesy International Center of Photography School. Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein.

Fee waiver: Mention “Art & Education” and we will waive your 100 USD application fee. Contact us by email at [email protected] or call T 212 857 0006.

International Center of Photography School
Conveniently located in vibrant New York City, the ICP School is the country’s preeminent photographic educational institution. We offer three unique Full-Time One-Year Certificate Programs. Each one provides advanced students with an intensive year-long course of study to strengthen personal vision, teach professional practices, and explore the many disciplines informing media and art today.

General Studies in Photography embraces the study of fine art photographic practices and experimental image production. The GS curriculum is an accelerated investigation of the history of photography, contemporary theory, and craft; it boasts a large selection of electives, in which students can let their curiosity and passions lead them in many new directions, including video. In solidifying each student’s technical skills and broadening his/her vision, we build a foundation for ongoing, meaningful, and content-driven individual and collective practice.

Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism focuses specifically on the investigative skills and technical knowledge necessary to advance in the constantly changing world of visual journalism. With ICP’s long-standing commitment to documentary practice, this program engages faculty who are some of the foremost practitioners in the field today. Visiting photographers discuss new media, business, and methodologies, as well as political, ethical, and social concerns. Students explore the history of photojournalism; develop new and challenging technical skills in still photography, multimedia, and video; learn strategies for publication; and intern with premiere photographers, newspapers, magazines, and agencies located in New York.

New Media Narratives at ICP provides students with a strong background in photography, visual storytelling, and technologies for digital art and interactive media. The program is designed to encourage the spirit of innovation emerging among photographers and artists as they explore new possibilities for creating work and engaging audiences. At ICP, students acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to create visual stories for a networked, wired world, while developing an understanding of the rapidly changing contemporary media landscape. Stories are shaped by and delivered through screens, mobile devices, and VR headsets. In turn, these platforms are changing how photographers and storytellers approach their craft—new skills are now required to tell the important stories of the day.

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