LOS ANGELES- According to lists compiled by the College Art Association, a venerable professional group whose membership includes the vast majority of American academics in the field, the most-studied area for doctoral candidates in Art History in the U.S. and Canada last year — by a long shot — was art made in roughly the last 100 years. Christopher Knight of the Los Angeles Times reports that Paul Klee, Eduardo Paolozzi and Kazimir Malevich were among the subjects of 67 doctoral dissertations in the category.

The Middle East/North Africa and Oceanic/Australian areas are the least studied, each with only a single champion — both on historical subjects.

The 29 categories listed by CAA range alphabetically from “African (Sub-Saharan)” to “World Art,” a cross-cultural, transnational discipline. Twentieth century painting, sculpture, design and other art had 50% more doctoral dissertations accepted in 2010 than the next most popular field.

In 2002, the earliest listing on the CAA’s publication review website, the most popular field for study was Europe’s Renaissance and Baroque era, from the 15th through the 17th centuries (34 dissertations).