School Watch

Entering Basel’s Creative Triangle: The Master of Fine Arts at the Institut Kunst

by Aoife Rosenmeyer

Anyone not closely involved in the art school in Basel might have only noticed in late 2013 that changes were afoot there. For some years there had been noises emerging about a new campus, but in Basel, development seems to be a fact of life, just as one would take it for granted that there was an art school in the city, and had been for centuries. But the announcement that starting in April 2014, Chus Martínez, the dynamic Spanish curator, was to lead the Institut Kunst (Art Institute) of the Academy of Art and Design (HGK) at the University [...] read more

Video School

Robin Peckham: Tracing the Post-Internet—A Case Study in Curatorial Process

Hong Kong–based writer, gallerist, and curator Robin Peckham discusses “Art Post-Internet,” the large-scale survey of “post-internet art” that he co-curated with Karen Archey at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. He begins by laying out some of the thorny historical and theoretical background of the term and goes on to describe the process of producing this complex survey exhibition. While noting that post-internet art emerged as a constellation of related tendencies, he suggests that, at its core, the term refers to the influx of the internet and its associated technologies into the production of traditional art media such as oil painting [...] read more

Artie Vierkant: Immaterial vs. Material

Recorded at the 2013 Post Digital Cultures conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, artist Artie Vierkant discusses his influential work and theories regarding art production in the post-internet world. Vierkant is known for his essay “The Image Object Post-Internet” in which he makes one of the central claims of post-internet art: in the reality of the present moment, in which immaterial and material objects increasingly find themselves on equal ontological footing, the work of art becomes an “image object”—part material object, part immaterial image. Another way to say this is that the documentation of the work, surviving as a mutable digital photograph [...] read more