School Watch

The Master’s Program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts: Redefining Interdisciplinary in the Twenty-First Century

by Katherine Cooper

I. Principles, Politics, and the Past As I navigate from Cambridge, over the Charles River to Boston, I am struck by the simultaneous sterility and coziness of my home city. Red brick abounds, hospitals loom everywhere, and a museum known for its extensive classical collection but accused of “small-city provincialism” sits at its heart.[1] When finding parking, you realize you could wind up in a medical supply bay just as easily as you could in the Museum of Fine Arts lot. We are in a land of massive institutions of all stripes. Adjacent to the museum pillars, gargantuan bronze baby [...] read more

Video School

Cornel West: DiversityInc Diversity-Management Best Practices Keynote

I have been thinking about this piece for too long, have delayed my words, my contribution, for weeks now. I have been trained, like many of us have been, to understand my own lateness as a colossal incompetence with deadlines. This deviation from the academic or philosophical norm of a majority who seem to be able to get their articles and contributions in on time has waiting for it exactly this simpler and more punitive explanation of incompetence, either with one’s own scheduling or else with the responsibilities of a contributor’s commitment. But this notion of incompetence only urges further [...] read more

Fred Moten: Blackness and Poetry

Considering West’s call for a deeper education, one that is not taught in a great many institutional arenas that tend to be linked to business and to capital in ways that preclude this kind of questioning, Fred Moten’s work here unearths the philosophical connections between possession and subjectivity that contaminate the very notion of the subject itself, always already. In his lecture at the University of California, Berkeley’s Mixed Blood Project, Moten suggests that the territorial possession that undergirds capitalist structures may be so embedded in the forms of knowing we inherit that phenomenology itself can be understood as bearing [...] read more


PennMFA 2015 Thesis Exhibition

by University of Pennsylvania

The Master of Fine Arts program of the University of Pennsylvania presented the 2015 thesis exhibition in Brussels, Belgium. The exhibition was the culmination of a six-month exchange between the graduate students and curator Agata Jastrząbek. During their residency in Brussels, the students installed selected works, and through various activities organized by the curator, immersed themselves in the local contemporary art scene and visited major Belgian historical venues. The thesis exhibition project acknowledges that emerging artists work from a globalized state of culture and respond to a new perception of site specificity. The exhibition presented work impacted by a collective discussion on the premise that travel, cultural exchange and the [...] read more