Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg Graduation Exhibition 2015

by Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg

The Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg graduation exhibition looks outward, toward new perspectives beyond graduation. For the first time the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg has utilized the entire campus for the purposes of its graduate exhibition. During October 5th to 18th 2015, graduating students from the academic year 2015 exhibited their works throughout the academy: the culmination of artistic development from their time of study. The exhibition reflected the academy’s diversity across all disciplines and provided a showcase for its activities. The Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg sees itself as a creative laboratory committed to open research; founded in [...] read more

School Watch

Outside the Art World’s Regimes: The MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art

by Owen Duffy

John Waters’s 1998 film Pecker, a raucous satire of the New York art world, follows the rise to fame of an unassuming eighteen-year-old Baltimore photographer. After a dealer from the fictional Rory Wheeler Gallery happens upon Pecker’s debut exhibition at The Sub Pit in Hampden, the young artist is thrust into Manhattan’s cultural spotlight and becomes an instant success. He sells countless prints, attends highfalutin gallery dinners, and is even offered a solo show at the Whitney. When he returns home after his Big Apple whirlwind, however, life begins to fall apart. Pecker is now recognized everywhere, his family becomes [...] read more

Video School

NourbeSe Philip’s contribution to the Words Aloud 7 Spoken Word Festival

M. NourbeSe Philip’s work sends a deep linguistic, formal, economic, social, cultural, institutional shudder throughout the system we have inherited. Her language tangles in and out of itself in ways that make plain (and then cover over again) that English itself is impossible to separate out from the racist colonialism that undergirds the modernism we traffic in today. This talk is from NourbeSe Philip’s contribution to the Words Aloud 7 Spoken Word Festival that has been cut up into bite-size recordings so that each piece she reads is its own fragment. They are hard to choose from and my hope [...] read more

Cornel West: DiversityInc Diversity-Management Best Practices Keynote

I have been thinking about this piece for too long, have delayed my words, my contribution, for weeks now. I have been trained, like many of us have been, to understand my own lateness as a colossal incompetence with deadlines. This deviation from the academic or philosophical norm of a majority who seem to be able to get their articles and contributions in on time has waiting for it exactly this simpler and more punitive explanation of incompetence, either with one’s own scheduling or else with the responsibilities of a contributor’s commitment. But this notion of incompetence only urges further [...] read more