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Sunstroked and Rigorous: Some Notes on CalArts

by Andrew Berardini

From Disney to Baldessari, writer Andrew Berardini outlines the California Institute of the Arts’ singular history, tracking the School of Art’s shifting principles and administrative styles. Berardini ventures into its labyrinthine corridors of studio and exhibition spaces to observe a critique, visit with MFA students and wander around a night of openings, offering details of his time spent up on the CalArts’ campus.   Some Notes on CalArts ANDREW BERARDINI   My car peeled off the freeway on one of the last exits before the 5 climbs into the treacherous Grapevine and through the dull fields and cow factories of the Central Valley en route to Sacramento. Surface roads [...] read more


Video School

Denise Scott Brown “Encounters with the Palimpsest”

Part of a symposium on contemporary architectural activity in historic cities, Denise Scott Brown begins by stressing the importance of a “Situationist view” of urban design, an approach wholly inclusive of the layering of contexts inherent to any locale. Moving through initial examples to introduce both the depth and diversity of site specificities for which she’s spent decades advocating, Scott Brown touches on Learning from Las Vegas to plainly state that The Strip is certainly indicative of such a palimpsest, “not as much in time, unless you count geological time—which you should do—and then it’s many millions of palimpsests.” [...] read more