SVA MFA Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

by School of Visual Arts (SVA)

Curated by Lumi Tan. This transitional moment between student and working artist is foregrounded by the deliberately public location of this year’s exhibition­–for the first time, the thesis show steps away from the 15th floor SVA Chelsea gallery to a storefront space on a commercial street in Williamsburg, a neighborhood now associated with waves of artists who have brought striking economic and cultural change over the past few decades. A temporary space for exhibitions that will then be demolished for the construction of affordable housing, it quite bluntly speaks to the context of reinvention. By engaging with disparate audiences—those who [...] read more

School Watch

"Emotional support dog, Peewee Fake."

Entire USC First-Year MFA Class is Dropping Out

by Julie Beaufils, Sid Duenas, George Egerton-Warburton, Edie Fake, Lauren Davis Fisher, Lee Relvas, and Ellen Schafer

LOS ANGELES — The University of Southern California’s Roski School of Art and Design’s internationally-renowned MFA program is, sorrowfully, over as we have come to know and love it. For most of the past decade, this graduate program has excelled as an exemplary institutional model and major epicenter of pedagogical mentorship, cultural critique, and artistic rigor with outstanding faculty and celebrated alumni registering far-reaching ripple effects across the landscape. And so, it is nothing short of scandalous (and utterly baffling) that the university administration, led by recently appointed and conspicuously unqualified Dean Erica Muhl, has elected to squander, self-destructively, the [...] read more

Video School

Noam Chomsky debates with Michel Foucault (1971)

What is human nature? This video serves as a kind of “methodological” foundation to the problematics proposed within this series. A young, slightly naive Noam Chomsky meets a cheeky, exuberant Michel Foucault in 1971 to engage in a public debate at Eindhoven University. These debates were edited and put together as a series for broadcast on Dutch television. The discussion opens with theoretical reflections on the question of human nature from the divergent perspectives of two philosophers, moving on in the latter half to apply the ideas proposed to the social crises at hand: the Vietnam War, the student movement [...] read more

Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake, and Ralph Abraham, first roundtable on “The Evolutionary Mind” (1998)

The counterculture, that configuration of students, activists, thinkers, self-experimenters, and pleasure-seekers who emerged over the course of the late ’60s in the United States, specifically in California, in many ways initiated a set of sociocultural transformations that would serve as the catalyst for a systemic shift in political economy. The decline of the political and the rise of the self, as documentarist Adam Curtis has examined in his film The Century of the Self, ironically comes about in large part due to the originally revolutionary aspirations of the counterculture, necessitating a critical revisitation of its intellectual output. A number of [...] read more