School Watch

Top-Notch, Top Dollar: Columbia University School of the Arts MFA Program

by David Everitt Howe

Columbia’s visual arts MFA program is so synonymous with the New York art world that it’s nearly impossible to discuss one without looping in the other. At perhaps the height of its visibility in the early 2000s, by some accounts 20 percent of the artists in PS1’s 2005 “Greater New York” exhibition held advanced degrees from the school.[1] And if they didn’t receive their MFAs from Columbia, they probably taught at the university; or participated in the mentorship program established by former chair Jon Kessler; or were invited to lecture as part of the Visual Artists Lecture Series (VALS); or [...] read more

Video School

The Machine that Changed the World

Perhaps the longest and most comprehensive documentary about the history of computers consists of five one-hour episodes. The Machine that Changed the World was produced jointly by WGBH Boston (PBS) and the BBC. It was originally broadcasted in England in 1991 and in the early months of 1992 in the US. Its release was accompanied by a book written by the film’s producer, John Palferman. This episode, titled “Great Brains,” tells the story of the computer’s entry into the marketplace and includes the dazzling story of its debut on television and its controversial role in the US presidential elections of [...] read more

The Incredible Machine

This 1968 short film is about the experiments at Bell Laboratories by scientists who used computers in communications research on computer-generated movies, photographs, music, and speech. The score and main title and credits of the film were produced on a computer. The video can also be described as exhibiting the operating logic of “media art,” a genre of creativity which often is only fascinated with the technological possibilities without much critical reflection on the new medium or its widespread consequences for individual or collective forms of subjectivity.  Mohammad Salemy‘s program looks at the development of artificial intelligence and the significance [...] read more


Yale Graphic Design MFA 2015 Thesis Show

by Yale School of Art

PLOT: Yale Graphic Design MFA 2015 Thesis Show Artists: SeungEun Chung, Richard Espinosa, Jonathan Gorman, Yotam Hadar, Jenny Hung, Yuanchen Jiang, Marvin de Jong, Jiyoni Kim, Kee Kim, Erin Knutson, Loide Marwanga, Ryan Gerald Nelson, Eric Nylund, Michela Povoleri, Nejc Prah, Timothy Ripper, Ria Roberts, and John-Paul Wolforth. The graphic design program focuses on the development of a cohesive, investigative body of work, also known as the student’s thesis. At Yale, the graphic design thesis is conceived as a loose framework within which each student’s visual method is deployed across many diverse projects during his or her two-year course of study. While every thesis project is unique, there are several common features: a focus on methodology, the [...] read more