School Watch

Collective Evolution, Inside and Out: CSUSB Community-based Art

by Annie Buckley

Today, roughly 2.2 million people are behind bars in the United States, an increase of 1.9 million since 1972. We have the world’s largest prison population—with one-quarter of its prisoners but just 5 percent of the total population … It’s a system marred by vast racial disparities—one that stigmatizes and targets young black men for arrest at a young age, unfairly punishes communities of color, burdens taxpayers and exacts a tremendous social cost. —Southern Poverty Law Center  I have completed in excess of twenty self-help groups, therapy programs, and counseling. However, the one thing that completely changed my life was [...] read more

Video School

Tiziana Terranova: Capture All Work

In this talk given at Transmediale 2015 in Berlin, Tiziana Terranova discusses her concept of “free labor” more than a decade after she first theorized the production of value from digitally enabled activity (much of which was previously not understood as labor) in the early ’00s. Terranova argues that the discourse around early “web 2.0” was always about a promise of growth in the user base that would bring future returns. She specifically sites Yochai Benkler’s work on “social production” and his book The Wealth of Networks, and describes it as an attempt to translate the new phenomenon of “voluntary [...] read more

Bernard Stiegler: Digital Inquiry Symposium Keynote

Exploring themes that have informed much of his prodigious oeuvre, Bernard Stiegler’s keynote lecture at the UC Berkeley Center for New Media’s Digital Inquiry Symposium focuses on the role of technics in the evolution of the human and what he calls, following both Plato and Derrida, the pharmacological nature of humanity’s relationship to their use. The lecture is dense and wide ranging but is mostly concerned with positing the inextricable link between humanity, technology, and what Stiegler calls, along with Derrida, grammatization, or “the technical history of memory.” Technics, for Stiegler, are the practices and tools that accomplish the originary [...] read more


Bard MFA Class of 2016

by Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College

Founded in 1981 as the first of its kind, Bard MFA is a nontraditional school for visual, written and time-based arts. At Bard, the MFA community itself is the primary resource for the student—serving as audience, teacher, and peer group in an ongoing dialogue. Immersion in this community ultimately influences each artist’s practice, within the program and beyond. The community promotes diversity of approach, fosters imaginative responses and insights, and develops innovative solutions to aesthetic problems in all disciplines. In interdisciplinary group critiques with 80 students and 60+ noted faculty, discipline caucuses, one-on-one conferences and all school presentations, our students [...] read more