School Watch

Sunstroked and Rigorous: Some Notes on CalArts

by Andrew Berardini

From Disney to Baldessari, writer Andrew Berardini outlines the California Institute of the Arts’ singular history, tracking the School of Art’s shifting principles and administrative styles. Berardini ventures into its labyrinthine corridors of studio and exhibition spaces to observe a critique, visit with MFA students and wander around a night of openings, offering details of his time spent up on the CalArts’ campus.   Some Notes on CalArts ANDREW BERARDINI   My car peeled off the freeway on one of the last exits before the 5 climbs into the treacherous Grapevine and through the dull fields and cow factories of the Central Valley en route to Sacramento. Surface roads [...] read more

Video School

Peter Brook, “What Can Photography Do for Prison Reform?”

“Our heads,” the prison reform activist Peter Brook argues, in this brilliant discussion of photographic interventions into the profound injustice of the American prison system, “should be exploding with disgust.” Correctly flagging the singular urgency of his endeavor, Brook, in his contribution to SFMoMA’s recent symposium, “Bearing Witness,” notes from the sad irony that while his own intervention as a blogger, lecturer, curator, and aggregator of information about prison photography, is web-based, the community of prisoners he seeks to address is prevented from accessing internet that is his platform. [...] read more

Everything Was Moving: (Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin) In Conversation with David Goldblatt

I have little use for the word art; it doesn’t exist in my vocabulary,” the South African photographer David Goldblatt tells us in this deeply rewarding dialogue with London-based artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin; “I’m concerned with real issues, real things, real people, and the effects of these things.” At a time when Broomberg and Chanarin, who were raised in Johannesburg and London, respectively, understood Soweto, by virtue of economics, politics, and geography, as a “parallel universe,” David Goldblatt was driving into that apartheid-torn South African township in a 4x4 truck in order to photograph and report upon its [...] read more