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    Islamist student group said to terrorize Pakistan campuses

    PAKISTAN—After philosophy students and faculty members rallied to denounce heavy-handed efforts to separate male and female students, Islamists on campus struck back: In the dead of night, witnesses say, the radicals showed up at a men’s dormitory armed with wooden sticks and bicycle chains. They burst into dorm rooms, attacking philosophy students. One was pistol-whipped [...] Read more
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    Housing protests galvanize Israelis students

    TEL AVIV — There’s a free massage corner in the tent city, a compost heap, a makeshift kitchen filled with donated food and a whiteboard bearing a list of tasks for volunteers, from cleaning to leading brainstorming sessions. Signs announce evening lectures and open-air movies at the “Revolution Theater.”  A growing protest movement against rising [...] Read more
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    Yale Establishes Institute for Preservation of Cultural Heritage

    NEW HAVEN- Yale University has established a conservation center, the Institute for Preservation of Cultural Heritage, which aims to advance conservation science and its practice on an international level. Emily Sharpe of the Art Newspaper reports that the Institute will focus on developing tools and techniques for conservation as well as work to digitize artifacts—an activity [...] Read more

    Hundreds of funded PhDs and Masters courses cut

    UNITED KINGDOM—The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is cutting the number of PhDs it funds by 1,002 from 2,902 in 2010-11 to 1,900 in 2011-12.Similarly, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) is cutting funded Masters courses from 607 to 490. The figures were given in response to a parliamentary question by shadow universities [...] Read more
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    Chilean Students Continue Hunger Strike

    CHILE—Twenty students are engaging in a hunger strike in Chile to protest the government’s continuing mismanagement of public education. The twenty students say they have their parents’ support and that they expect other students will join the strike unless Education Minister Felipe Bulnes meets with the strikers to discuss edcuation reforms. The hunger strikers are [...] Read more

    Basement project aims to reverse drain of Leeds’ art talent

    UNITED KINGDOM—Artist and teacher Bruce and Debs Davies have transformed the basement of their terraced house – which they admit themselves is a little ‘ramshackle’ – into a cultural facility which they hope ultimately will be available for residencies and exhibitions on a regular basis. Bruce acknowledges that the project is an ambitious one for the [...] Read more

    Policing the student fees protests in London cost Scotland Yard £7.5 million

    UNITED KINGDOM—The Metropolitan Police spent another £2.1 million providing security at the TUC anti-cuts demonstration in March, £1.9 million on the Pope’s visit to Britain, and £2.2 million around last year’s general election campaign. A further £6.5 million has gone on protecting North African and Middle Eastern countries’ embassies in London this year amid heightened tensions [...] Read more
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    Rivlin allows student housing protests at Knesset

    ISRAEL—Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin on Monday instructed the Knesset Guard to allow student housing protests outside of the Knesset and to allow the students access to MKs but not to allow them to get out of control. “Protest is legitimate and even necessary in a democracy, but there are rules which must be followed. The need [...] Read more

    Since revolution, a lull in Egypt’s fast-growing private arts sector

    EGYPT—In the weeks leading up to the 25 January revolution, a number of large-scale, privately-funded art projects were on the verge of launching. On 22 January, Tache Gallery, part of the Designopolis complex on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, opened with its first show, a retrospective of the work of Egyptian artist Huda Lutfi. Two more [...] Read more
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    Rhode Island art dealer gets 16 years in invention scam

    PROVIDENCE, R.I.—A former Rhode Island art dealer convicted of defrauding a wide range of investors — from a wealthy Japanese sword collector to a school janitor — was sentenced to 16 years in prison Thursday for his elaborate multimillion-dollar scheme. Judge William E. Smith imposed the sentence on DeSimone, 58, of Johnston, in U.S. District [...] Read more

    Hundreds of medical students join protest for improved working conditions

    ISRAEL—Hundreds of medical students from all over Israel gathered Friday morning at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hopsital in support of the medical interns’ struggle for improved working conditions. The students set out on a protest march from Ichilov hospital to Tel Aviv public library and cultural center, Beit Ariela. They were joined by some of the participants [...] Read more
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    What would happen if you hacked into a library?

    CAMBRIDGE MA—We usually think of university libraries as a bastion of free thought, with scholarly publications that are freely shareable by all, but former Reddit staffer and digital activist Aaron Swartz has been arrested by federal prosecutors and accused of hacking into the library of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer network and downloading almost 5 [...] Read more

    Montreal police launching unprecedented wave of student arrests

    MONTREAL - Saying they must battle a “wave of repression” that is sweeping the province, students took the Montreal police force to task on Monday for turning student protesters into criminals with the recent arrests of four activists months after a demonstration against tuition fee hikes. “This is an unprecedented wave of arrests,” said Gabriel [...] Read more
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    Student group complains to Human Rights Commission

    QUEBEC—A radical student group is going to the Quebec human rights commission, accusing the Quebec government of expressly forming a special police unit to shut down student protests.Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois with the group ASSÉ, says students were arrested by the Gamma team, 4 months after they took part in two separate demonstrations and sit-ins in March [...] Read more
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    Student’s family to appeal over riot jailing

    UNITED KINGDOM—The family of Charlie Gilmour are to appeal after he was sentenced to 16 months in jail for violent disorder during the student fee protests. During the demonstrations in central London, the adopted son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour was seen swinging on the Cenotaph. He is said to have gone on a drink and [...] Read more
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    Students ask regents to reject proposed UC tuition hike

    SAN FRANCISCO — Students appealed Wednesday to University of California regents not to proceed with a proposed second tuition increase for the coming school year but conceded that the fight against the higher fees is probably lost.   Several students addressing the regents at their meeting in San Francisco said families had not been given enough warning [...] Read more
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    Dutch stage massive protests in response to arts budget cuts

    AMSTERDAM- Gary Schwartz of Art Newspaper reports that following the announcement in September 2010 that the Dutch new centre-right coalition intends to cut the arts budget by €200m—25% of current expenditure—as of 1 January 2013, people working in museums and performing arts companies, and those in arts education have rose up in protest. The government [...] Read more

    Cal State Tuition Hiked Another 12 Percent

    CALIFORNIA—Cal Poly Pomona students will see an additional 12 percent fee hike – $196 per quarter – when school starts in the fall.  The California State University Board of Trustees Tuesday voted in favor of the tuition increase, according to a news release. The latest hike is on top of a previously approved increase of [...] Read more
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    Chilean reform plan fails to stop student protests

    CHILE– Disappointed by new higher education measures announced by President Sebastián Piñera, which included a $4 billion education fund, Chilean students have called for a national strike on 14 July. But the vice-chancellors of Chile’s 25 state-run universities seem to have buried their hatchets and are talking to the government again. The new fund, announced [...] Read more
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    British Art Council announces plan to improve art education

    LONDON- The Arts Council recently announced an ambitious plan to improve local delivery of arts opportunities for children and young people. Through five “bridging” organizations across London – and another nine across the UK, the council said it wanted to exploit regional knowledge of the arts and create new opportunities for children, through better collaboration. [...] Read more

    Cultural historian Theodore Roszak dies at seventy-seven

    HAYWARD- Theodore Roszak, the Cal State East Bay historian professor emeritus credited with coining the term “counter culture,” passed away late last week. He was seventy-seven. Monique Beeler of Cal State East Bay|writes that Rozak, a Guggenheim fellow and two-time National Book Award nominee, was “acclaimed for writing popular books analyzing complex social trends—from youthful [...] Read more

    Moroccan Police Violence a Test for Revised Constitution

    MOROCCO – The constitutional revisions approved in the July 1, 2011 referendum can significantly advance Moroccans’ rights, but only if authorities use these new constitutional principles to reform repressive laws and practices, Human Rights Watch said today. Among the practices that need to be brought into line with the constitution is the police response to [...] Read more
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    Los Angeles County grants $4.1 million to arts organizations

    LOS ANGELES- Mike Boehm of the Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles County will issue $4,118,000 in arts grants for the 2011-12 fiscal year that began July 1, holding steady at the level reached after last year’s 6.8% reduction. The grants -– which go to nonprofit arts organizations, rather than to individuals — will [...] Read more

    Chile proposes $4bn education fund as students protest

    CHILE–President Sebastian Pinera, facing student protests, has proposed the creation of a $4bn (£2.5bn) fund for higher education. In a televised speech, Mr Pinera outlined measures including more grants and cheaper student loans. The fund would be partly financed by revenue from the main export, copper. Thousands of students have been protesting to complain of [...] Read more
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    Dutch Parliament maintains plans for massive de-funding of arts despite outcry

    THE NETHERLANDS– The demonstration in The Hague against disproportionate, arbitrary and punitive cutbacks was a predictable failure in that it did not sway parliament. Zijlstra’s plan was debated in the Second Chamber immediately after the demonstration ended officially. A smaller, unofficial demonstration moved from the Malieveld, where the large gathering had taken place, to the [...] Read more

    Chilean education protests continue to grow

    CHILE–With chants of “An educated people will never be deceived” and “We want a free, quality education,” tens of thousands of Chilean students, parents and teachers took to the streets on June 30 in the latest protest against the privatized education system set up under the 1973-1990 dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. Giorgio Jackson, president [...] Read more
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    Prince Twins Seven-Seven, Nigerian Artist, Dies at 67

    NIGERIA–Prince Twins Seven-Seven, a prominent Nigerian artist and leading representative of the Oshogbo School, whose brightly colored, intricately patterned paintings evoked the world of Yoruba folklore and religion, died on June 16 in Ibadan, Nigeria. He was 67. The cause was complications of a stroke, Harriet B. Schiffer, his dealer, said. Prince Twins Seven-Seven changed [...] Read more

    Vancouver arts groups grapple with Harmonized Sales Tax referendum

    VANCOUVER–As the public is being asked to weigh in on the future of the Harmonized Sales Tax, some in the arts and nonprofit sectors say they are worried about a backlash from the province should the tax be repealed. “I’ve heard there’s a bit of concern that, if that [HST] revenue is no longer coming into [...] Read more
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    Cultural groups rejoice as city restores proposed cuts

    NEW YORK–Despite threats of deep cuts to institutions from the Metropolitan Museum to Staten Island’s Botanical Gardens, nearly all of the money was restored in the city’s final budget.  The cultural institutions group—made up of all the arts groups in city-owned building ranging from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Snug Harbor Cultural Center [...] Read more