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    Musée de l’Elysée Suspends Prize over Censorship of Palestinian Artist

    SWITZERLAND — Introduced in 2010 to support young photographers, the prestigious €25,000 Lacoste Elysée Prize is awarded by the Swiss Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, with sponsorship from Lacoste — until last Wednesday, when the Musée de l’Elysée announced its decision to suspend the organization of the Lacoste Elysée Prize 2011, in response to the [...] Read more

    Park Avenue Armory Appoints Its First Artistic Director

    MANHATTAN — No longer merely the fusty home of antiques shows, the Park Avenue Armory has recently unveiled art installations, staged dramas, presented operas and concerts and served as an outpost of the Whitney Biennial. Now it has taken another major step on the road to being a major player on the arts scene by announcing on [...] Read more
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    Merce Cunningham Dance Company to Give Last-Ever Performance on New Year’s Eve

    MANHATTAN — The Merce Cunningham Dance Company, founded in 1953, has consistently given performances that have caused some members of the audience to walk out. Cunningham’s pioneering form of dance theater has kept confronting people — even his admirers — with one challenge after another. Since his death in 2009 these confrontations have continued. His [...] Read more

    John Chamberlain Dies at 84

    MANHATTAN — American sculptor and pioneer of large-scale, contorted, AbEx automobile art, John Chamberlain, was pronounced dead at 84 on Wednesday night. His wife, Prudence Fairweather, declined to give a cause of death. Though Chamberlain died in Manhattan, he mostly spent his final years in and around his home on Shelter Island, NY. Born in [...] Read more
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    NYPD Criticized for Handling of Investigation in Brooklyn Artist’s Death

    NYC—Shortly after midnight on October 19th, 30-year-old Brooklyn-based Canadian artist Mathieu Lefèvre was cycling along Morgan Avenue near the corner of Meserole Street when he was struck and killed by the driver of a turning flatbed truck. The case surrounding the fatal hit-and-run by the NYPD’s Accident Investigation Squad has raised eyebrows—the driver’s claim that he never [...] Read more

    New budget plan cuts NEA and NEH 5.6% but boosts Smithsonian

    WASHINGTON—The National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities each will see a 5.6% budget reduction in fiscal 2012 under a spending bill passed Friday in the House that’s expected to prevent a feared government shutdown. Under the bill, each agency would have $146.3 million to spend during the budget year that began in [...] Read more

    University of Utah charts new course for struggling Middle East Center

    UTAH—The University of Utah is restructuring its once-prestigious Middle East Center (MEC) rather than pulling the plug on what has become a source of campus tension and embarrassment.  College of Humanities Dean Robert Newman on Tuesday named two respected U. scholars as interim co-directors — political scientist Kirk Jowers, director of the Hinckley Institute of [...] Read more
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    Napa Valley vintner and friend give UC Davis $10 million for new art museum

    UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT DAVIS — Last Friday, UC Davis announced that Jan Shrem of Clos Pegase winery in Calistoga, and his long-time friend, arts patron Maria Manetti Farrow, have made gift of $10 million to the University of California at Davis to help fund a new art museum. The Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti [...] Read more
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    Two new arts buildings planned for Stanford’s ‘arts district’

    STANFORD UNIVERSITY — Recently unveiled plans for two major additions to its emerging “arts district,” broadening the mission of a campus more famed for engineering than Expressionism.The buildings — one art museum and one academic building — will join the Cantor Arts Center and Bing Concert Hall near the “front door” of the campus at Palm [...] Read more

    BP Pledges Another $15.5 Million to Tate, Royal Opera House

    UK—BP Plc, which last year caused the U.S.’s worst-ever oil spill, today pledged another 10 million pounds ($15.5 million) to four cultural institutions for the next five years. The energy company is backing programming at the Royal Opera House, Tate Britain, the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery, the four said in an e-mailed [...] Read more
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    Massachusetts museum installing biomass boiler

    MASSACHUSETTS—The retrofit of a retired coal ash silo has helped the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) finally become a wood pellet boiler user.Starting in February, the former electronics supply facility that since 1986 has been the home of MASS MoCA, will be heated by a 2 million Btu wood pellet boiler. New England [...] Read more

    Ten million gift will help build new UC Davis art museum

    CALIFORNIA—For years, most of the UC Davis art collection has languished in storage because of limited space at the university’s current museum.Now, a $10 million gift from a prominent Napa Valley vintner will provide the vital funding needed to bring the university’s 5,000 collected works – including seminal works of Northern California art from the [...] Read more
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    Getty Museum’s Acting Director is Leaving

    LOS ANGELES—David Bomford, who has been acting director of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles since 2010, will be returning to his home in London where he plans to pursue research, scholarship and writing, the institution announced on Tuesday. Mr. Bomford joined the Getty in 2007 as associate director for collections and was named [...] Read more
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    Fallout continues over use of force in UC Davis protests

    SACRAMENTO— California lawmakers are investigating how colleges responded to non-violent protests that sprung from the Occupy movement, including the pepper-spraying incident at the University of California, Davis. Top officials from the UC system and California State University system will testify at a hearing in the state Capitol on Wednesday. They include UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, [...] Read more

    Why Cooper Union Matters

    NYC— In early November, hundreds of people filed into the Great Hall at Cooper Union. By 7:00, the auditorium’s 900 seats were full and hundreds of people crammed into standing room at the back. The event was not open to the public and security guards in the lobby were checking everyone for some form of [...] Read more
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    Two Students dead after Clash with Mexican Police

    MEXICO—Prosecutors in southern Mexico say they found an assault rifle and hand grenades at the scene of a protest where a violent clash between demonstrators and police resulted in the death of two students. The deaths have drawn condemnation from human rights groups, who say police used excessive force. Guerrero State Attorney General Alberto Lopez told [...] Read more

    Bard College Announces Appointment of Performing Arts Curator

    BARD COLLEGE— Recently announced the appointment of performing arts curator, artistic director, and dramaturg Gideon Lester to the College faculty, naming him Director of Theater Programs and Professor of Theater. He will head the undergraduate theater program at Bard, where he will teach full time, and also curate the professionAl Fisher Center and SummerScape theater [...] Read more
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    Syrians students added “Strike” to Protests, Rallies and Clashes

    SYRIA- Inside and outside the country, Pressure has been piling on President Bashar al-Assad’s regime as the death toll from months of unrest continues to rise. Opponents along with Supporters have been staging daily protests, rallies and other civil activities either to express opposing Syria’s regime crackdown or to voice support for President al-Assad and his [...] Read more

    Occupy the Classroom: NYU to Offer Classes on Occupy Protests

    NEW YORK– New York University, located just two miles north of the Zuccotti Park protest site, has included the Occupy movement in its curriculum for the Spring semester. NYU is offering two courses on the movement that began just months ago, but managed to put the issue of social inequality at the center of the [...] Read more
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    OWS Labour Outreach Committee crashes University of Vermont alumni event

    VERMONT—Bill Ruprecht (CEO of Sotheby’s and on the board of trustees at University of Vermont) was not in attendance to hear activist Andy F give a speech to his “fellow alumni” about Ruprecht ruining the reputation of the University. When UVM’s interim President, A. John Bramley, finished giving his greetings and remarks he began to [...] Read more

    Outlaw Berlin Biennale Curator Stages Escape From Russian Jail Cell

    RUSSIA—Earlier this weekend, the Berlin Biennale lost one of its associate curators. Last week,it was announced that the Russian collective Voina (“War”) would help organize the event. Amid the recent mass protests against perceived corruption in the Russian elections,Leonid Nikolaev, a member of the group was arrested, abused, denied a lawyer, and escaped from the police station where he [...] Read more
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    Two poets withdraw from UK prize over sponsorship

    LONDON—Two authors shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize for poetry have withdrawn, saying they objected to investment company Aurum Funds sponsoring the award.The Poetry Book Society, which runs the annual award for a collection of poetry, lost funding from the Arts Council England as part of government spending cuts.Australian John Kinsella, who was shortlisted for [...] Read more
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    Disgraced former minister Guttenberg returns to public stage

    CANADA- Germany’s disgraced former Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has returned to the political stage, albeit far away in Canada. After the dodgy doctorate debacle, is this the first sign of a comeback? German aristocrat and former conservative shooting star Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg made his first public appearance at an international security conference in Canada [...] Read more

    Origami Artists copy-right suit against artist Sarah Morris

    MANHATTAN— Six leading origami artists constructed a copyright complaint against  New York artist and filmmaker Sarah Morris, claiming the “found designs” that allegedly inspired her 2007 “Origami” series were found from them. The 35-page federal complaint contains an additional 45 pages of exhibits comparing the origami creations with Morris’ counterparts. “Since the mid-1990s, Sarah Morris has [...] Read more
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    Police reportedly went undercover at Occupy LA

    L.A– Los Angeles police used nearly a dozen undercover detectives to infiltrate the Occupy LA encampment before this week’s raid to gather information on the anti-Wall Street protesters’ intentions, according to media reports. None of the officers slept at the camp, but they tried to blend in during the weeks leading up to the raid [...] Read more

    Who Benefit Auctions Benefit?

    US- America has finally woken up to discover that the free life they thought they were living is really governed by a system. A system designed at first glance to be “for the people, by the people.” But in recent years we’ve all realized that this is furthest from the truth. Facets of the system [...] Read more
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    EU Plans Largest-Ever Arts Funding Program

    BRUSSELS– The European Commission has proposed the world’s largest-ever cultural funding program under the title Creative Europe. The initiative, which would disperse a projected €1.8 billion ($2.4 billion) between 2014 and 2020, represents a 35 percent increase in European Union expenditures on culture, and is part of a larger Pan-European goal to stimulate the economy through [...] Read more

    Occupy Wall Street group looks to open arts space

    NEW YORK– A group within the Occupy Wall Street movement is in discussions to find a multi-purpose, indoor arts space, which is to be used for “studio space, rehearsals, concerts, storage, performances, exhibitions, teach-ins, film screenings, art classes for children, sleeping, etc”. The Arts and Culture committee of the New York City General Assembly, the [...] Read more

    Ai Weiwei supporters strip off as artist faces ‘porn’ investigation

    BEIJING– Ai Weiwei is facing investigation for spreading pornography and as a reaction, his admirers have stripped off. Internet users began tweeting their nude photographs after Ai announced that authorities had questioned his cameraman over pictures which showed the artist and four women naked. Many Chinese contemporary artists have taken pictures of themselves without clothes, and [...] Read more
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    Queen’s Univerity puts the brakes on new students in fine arts program

    ONTARIO—The future of fine arts at Queen’s University is in limbo after the school decided not to accept new students to its bachelor’s program for next fall. Queen’s officials feared resources would be too scarce to sustain an incoming Bachelor of Fine Arts class. Although the program has had full enrolment in recent years, a professor’s [...] Read more