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Established in January 1999 in New York, e-flux is an international network which reaches more than 50,000 visual art professionals on a daily basis through its website, e-mail list and special projects. Its news digest – e-flux announcements – distributes information on some of the world's most important contemporary art exhibitions, publications and symposia. The daily digest is put together in cooperation with nearly a thousand leading international museums, art centers, foundations, galleries, biennials and art journals. Our focused and selective approach to the information we choose to distribute has been rewarded by an exceptionally high degree of attention and responsiveness from our readers.

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    Issue 74: “Art Ontologies of Silicon Valley”

    Tech is never simply technology. It never appears in the abstract, any more than the characters "H20" appear anywhere on water. Tech is always specific. How old should someone be when they first have sex? How old before[...]

    June 15, 2016


    Issue 73 out now

    All things have borders that make them what they are. Some borders are spatial, like the edge of a painting, and some are chronological, like the end of a play. In this issue, Vivian Ziherl and Maria Iñigo Clavo both a[...]

    May 5, 2016


    Issue 72 out now

    The word "data" comes from the Latin dare, which means "give." This evolves into datum, which signifies something given. Data is what is given; Big Data, many given somethings. Gifts are given, too, but it's hard to th[...]

    April 6, 2016


    Issue 71 out now

    The freeport method of art storage presents its critics with a problem. Is it something new? Or something old? What could be less surprising than an international aristocracy hiding treasures in a cave someplace? The CEO[...]

    March 3, 2016


    New Issue, New Editor, New Book!

    e-flux journal: New Issue, New Editor, New Book! We are very pleased to welcome Stephen Squibb to the editorial team of e-flux journal. Since his days at the studio of Martha Rosler, Stephen has been a long time col[...]

    February 3, 2016


    Issue 69 out now

    The choice of cover image for this issue of e-flux journal came down to two photos: a decrepit military airplane lingering in a remote gray field, evoking long forgotten battles of a distant war; and a picture of a DIY c[...]

    January 7, 2016

  • Cover image: El Sexto.

    Issue 68: “Cuba: The Fading of a Subcontinental Dream” out now

    After a short prelude in last summer's four-month Supercommunity issue for the 2015 Venice Biennale, we are pleased to present Coco Fusco's full special issue of e-flux journal focusing on Cuban artists and intellect[...]

    December 2, 2015

  • The Whatsapps, Opening of the Floodgates, 2015.

    Issue 67 out now

    In Djibril Diop Mambéty's 1992 dark comedy Hyènes, an extravagantly wealthy woman returns to her poor village seeking revenge. Her target is the man who humiliated her in her youth by getting her pregnant and abandoni[...]

    November 6, 2015


    e-flux journal issue 66: “Architecture as Intangible Infrastructure,” Issue Two and symposium at e-flux with Nikolaus Hirsch

    More than ever, architects today are called upon to build gestural landmarks and grandiose signature buildings. But architecture was never only about building. It is also about the flows of people, information, and resou[...]

    September 15, 2015

  • apr23_eflux_img2

    e-flux journal at the 56th Venice Biennale

    e-flux journal has been invited to participate in the Venice Biennale this year. For our contribution we've decided to address e-flux journal and its readership as the supercommunity. Under this premise we will creat[...]

    April 23, 2015


    Issue 64: “Architecture as Intangible Infrastructure,” Issue One out now

    Architecture remains the most tangible way of constructing the social. Yet, the system we call "architecture" is not reducible to the physical, the tactile, the obvious. In the history of avant-garde architecture, immate[...]

    April 2, 2015


    Issue 63 out now

    We have a soft spot for people, for our own humanity. We learn to nurture this soft spot through art, through philosophy, through democracy, through our notions of justice or the rights of humans. We learn about the good[...]

    March 5, 2015


    e-flux journal issue 62 out now

    Increasingly it seems like no large exhibition opens without an artist boycott. And the reasons to withdraw are legitimate—a gulf museum employs migrant labor under terms approaching slavery, a biennial sponsor corpora[...]

    February 4, 2015


    issue 60 out now, and The Internet Does Not Exist at Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin

    The museum may now be assuming a new function in the network. It is being reformatted as a recording device, a flexible memory machine that can store culture like a bank, artworks like a storefront, politics in the form [...]

    December 10, 2014


    issue 59: Harun Farocki out now

    Organized in collaboration with Antje Ehmann and Doreen Mende, this issue of e-flux journal pays tribute to Harun Farocki (January 9, 1944–July 30, 2014) with a series of essays and reflections on his work and life b[...]

    November 6, 2014

  • Charles Burnett, Killer of Sheep (still), 1977. Film.

    issue 58: Quasi-Events out now

    How do we invent bad criteria for rotten infrastructure, the sliding of norms to the always incomplete and the already broken? The hack, the stupid fix, the patch—these are songs sung out of holes and faults and leaks.[...]

    October 2, 2014


    e-flux journal issue 57: The End of the End of History, Issue Two out now

    Francis Fukuyama, and even his mentor Alexandre Kojève before him, warned of boredom, stasis, and homogeneity being characteristics of the "universal homogenous state" that would mark the end of history. As Fukuyama put[...]

    September 9, 2014

  • june16_journal_img

    e-flux journal issue 56: The End of the End of History out now

    In the summer of 1989, Francis Fukuyama published his infamous essay declaring the global triumph of free-market liberal democracy over communism as the end of ideology as such. Not only that, but he also claimed the wor[...]

    June 16, 2014

  • may7_journal_img

    e-flux journal issue 55 out now

    We are increasingly faced with premodern foundation myths coming from right-wing propaganda and grassroots movements alike. They tell us that some things don't change and they ask us to think about how original communiti[...]

    May 7, 2014

  • 9db54_apr3_journal_img

    e-flux journal issue 54 out now

    Spring is here, so we are naturally thinking about sex all the time. It was a busy winter with many personal calamities and meltdowns, and this only makes now a better time to think about sex. Big beautiful interspecies [...]

    April 3, 2014

  • e-flux journal issue 52 out now

    Neoliberalism began as the idea that economic rationality could be applied as a model of governance in place of political ideology. No more authoritarianism. Just the rational calculation of people's needs and wants. But[...]

    February 6, 2014

  • e-flux journal issue 51 out now

    Thanks to everyone who came out to our fifth anniversary party in December. It's 2014 now and we are still hungover. But we want to tell you about a very strange thing that happened to us there. Late in the night we met [...]

    January 7, 2014

  • e-flux journal 50th issue and anniversary party

    Dear Readers, welcome to the fiftieth issue of e-flux journal. It marks our official five-year anniversary. It's hard to believe. To celebrate this, we invite all of you who happen to be in New York next Tuesday, Decemb[...]

    December 9, 2013

  • e-flux journal issue 49: Pieces of the Planet, Issue Two out now

    In 2003, Slavoj Žižek made a very prescient observation to explain how the US under George Bush used a plot twist borrowed from Alfred Hitchcock to justify the invasion of Iraq. He called it the "Iraqi MacGuffin." Now,[...]

    November 8, 2013

  • e-flux journal issue 48: Pieces of the Planet Issue One out now

    Once there was an idea of a vast human family ready to realize humanistic ideals and internationalist partnerships like the United Nations, and some people called it Globalism. But then the idea got bundled with a way of[...]

    October 11, 2013

  • e-flux journal issue 47 out now

    Where do artifacts go when they are destroyed? They enter a void of historical erasure, of fabricated narratives and convenient amnesia. We used to call that place a museum. But what happens when a museum is itself destr[...]

    September 6, 2013

  • 3b2a9_june24_journal_img
  • 6e164_image
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    e-flux journal issue 44 “(Im)practical (Im)possibilities” guest-edited by Carlos Motta

    We are in the middle of a time in which classical notions of flexibility and freedom actually work to alienate our relations to one another. But in fact the ability to shift, to deviate, to morph should constitute the st[...]

    April 11, 2013

  • b0918_cover_issue44thumbnail
  • f840e_mar11_journal_img
  • d2078_cover_issue42-a

    e-flux journal issue 42 out now

    Sitting at home, you dream of living in places you barely know. And yet, you feel like a tourist in your own city. Maybe you should get out more. But when you do go out, you barely recognize anything. It's a problem: eve[...]

    February 11, 2013

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    e-flux journal issue 41 out now

    Celebrating the arrival of 2013 on New Year's Eve, many people must have wondered why they still existed. Wasn't the world supposed to end on December 21 with the Mayan apocalypse?You don't have to be a new age spiritual[...]

    January 10, 2013

  • 78eb7_journal40_img

    e-flux journal issue 40 out now

    After an all-night conversation with an old friend, you are ready to start the revolution together. But the next day, discussing the finer points over breakfast you realize, no, it's impossible—in fact, this friend is [...]

    December 6, 2012

  • 02326_nov_journal_img

    e-flux journal issue 39 out now

    When Hurricane Sandy tore through the Eastern US on the eve of the presidential elections, it seemed that a certain fatigue had found a strange mirror image in the libidinal force of completely absurd weather patterns, t[...]

    November 13, 2012

  • a5925_oct10_issue38_cover

    e-flux journal issue 38: "Structural Violence"

    To get rid of violence, you have to get rid of people, Tariq Ramadan once said in an interview. Of course, Ramadan meant this as an impossibility and a warning against overzealous idealism. But what an idea! By getting r[...]

    October 10, 2012

  • 24fc8_sept7_journal_img

    e-flux journal issue 37 out now

    It is hard to avoid the feeling these days that the future is behind us. It's not so much that time has stopped, but rather that the sense of promise and purpose that once drove historical progress has become impossible [...]

    September 7, 2012

  • cover_issue36

    e-flux journal summer 2012 issue ANIMISM guest-edited by Anselm Franke

    For the Summer 2012 issue of e-flux journal we are very pleased to present a special "Animism" issue guest-edited by Anselm Franke, curator of the exhibition by the same name. Even if you missed Animism on tour in Europe[...]

    July 13, 2012

  • 23d91_1320937331image_web

    e-flux journal issue 29 guest-edited by Boris Groys on Moscow Conceptualism

    This month in e-flux journal, we are pleased to present a special issue focusing on Moscow Conceptualism, guest-edited by Boris Groys in conjunction with an exhibition of the work of Andrei Monastyrski and Collective A[...]

    November 16, 2011

  • b8c37_cover_issue28

    e-flux journal issue 28

    Released on October 8, the second issue of the Occupied Wall Street Journal included an editorial note entitled "No list of demands," responding to the perceived absence of strong messaging offered by the movement. The[...]

    October 19, 2011

  • 17916_efluxjournalalt

    e-flux journal issue # 27 “Alternative Economies” + Book Launch at The NY Art Book Fair

    "Alternative Economies"We can now say with some certainty that one advantage of the Cold War was that it placed many of the complexities and contradictions of economic problems within a clear and singular binary between [...]

    September 29, 2011

  • c9d0e_1310336841image_web

    Are You Working Too Much?

    e-flux journal is pleased to announce the release of the fourth in its ongoing series of readers published by Sternberg Press, entitled Are You Working Too Much? Post-Fordism, Precarity, and the Labor of Art. Let's be [...]

    July 20, 2011

  • 72e63_jun23_efluxjournal

    e-flux journal no. 26

    In the February 2009 issue of e-flux journal, Luis Camnitzer suggested in his essay "Art and Literacy" that a core problem in education (particularly for artists) can be traced back to an early stage when one is taught [...]

    June 30, 2011

  • aff70_efluxjournal

    e-flux journal no. 24 out now

    Let's be clear about something: it is infuriating that most interesting artists are perfectly capable of functioning in at least two or three professions that are, unlike art, respected by society in terms of compensatio[...]

    April 11, 2011

  • 071d7_mar17_efluxjournal

    e-flux journal issue no. 23

    The Gulf War did not take place, as Baudrillard notoriously put it. But now something else has taken place, and it did not happen in the doldrums of virtuality, but in the streets and squares of Tunis, Cairo, Benghazi, a[...]

    March 18, 2011