Professor of Interaction Design available at Bergen National Academy of the Arts
Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at University of Bergen

Professor of Interaction Design

Professor/Associate Professor (50 %) of Interaction Design

Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB), Dept of Design, has a vacancy for a Professor/Associate professor of interaction design (50 per cent) for a fixed period of six years. Fixed-term appointments are drawn up in compliance with the Ministry’s provisions on these matters. We would like to see the vacancy filled as of January 1, 2010.

Work on interaction design at KHiB is based on a user-oriented philosophy which encourages interaction between people and digital or Internet-based communication platforms with a view to creating appealing visual experiences for users while successfully completing the communicative objective. Applicants should have practical experienced of visual interaction design and demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of relevant design methodology, perceptive and cognitive aspects of interaction design. Tuition in the subject area covers several media, and applicants should be knowledgeable of one or more of these, for example, web site design, monitor design for portable devices, games, social media, rich media or interactive environments.

Responsibilities include teaching (pre- and post-class work), supervision, teaching schedules, development work, research in the subject area, communication, organising and preparing these responsibilities, management and administration. It is important to make flexible use of the department’s and institution’s overall resources in terms schedules, preparations and everyday activity. As a member of faculty, you will share responsibility for the daily management of the subject area and take active part in discussions concerning the subject area/department’s profile and programmes. Work on enhancing the subject area will be conducted in consultation with colleagues and students of the subject area/department and together with other subject areas at the Academy.

Working hours for faculty at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts allow for time to work on Research & Development, and considerable resources are channelled into this aspect of the work. The successful applicant will in this sense have a special responsibility for promoting development within their own particular area. Establishing partnerships and contact with educational and other relevant bodies is another important responsibility. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute constructively to discussions at the Academy, to promote the Academy externally, among other things by establishing artistic networks locally, nationally and internationally.

Dept of Design
The Dept of Design includes the two subject areas Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture, and Visual Communication.

The department has a distinctive creative identity. Work is grounded in a philosophy of cross-disciplinarity, integrated thinking and conceptual development. Design assignments address practical issues and are rarely tied to a given material or mode of production. Activity at the department is therefore based on ways to identify and articulate problems, on analysing the different sides of a problem, elaborate ideas, solutions and integrated concepts and put ideas to work in a limited resource environment but aided by relevant and accessible technology and production systems. KHiB’s design programme is also characterised as being part of an art academy, and is designed to give a broad understanding of the field(s).

Bergen National Academy of the Arts
Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB) is one of two independent institutions offering higher education in visual arts and design in Norway. KHiB has 300 students and a staff of 100 and has three departments: Dept of Fine Art, Dept of Design and Dept of Specialised Art.

Contact: Dean Einar Wiig: +47 95 05 17 79
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July 15, 2009