Call for proposals: Paris College of Art and ‘Art School Educated’ (Tate Research)

Peter O’Brien, Teaching Notes, Paris College of Art, 2012.

The Foundation Course in Art and Design:
A History Uncovered, A Future Imagined

Paris College of Art

A collaboration between ‘Art School Educated’ (Tate Research) and Paris College of Art

An open call for proposals
Application deadline: March 15, 2013

Download a submission form and information:

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We are seeking ideas for the future of the Foundation Course in Art and Design. 

Artists, educators, designers, historians, theorists, and writers are invited to contribute assignments that re-imagine the Foundation Course to be included in a publication and a two-day research workshop at Paris College of Art in June 2013.  

Questions that this collaboration hopes to explore include—but are not limited to—the following: 

What are the skills to be mastered in 21st-century art school? 
Do these skills differ from craft; if so, how? 
How can schools prepare students, both in terms of markets as well as essential skills? 
Is an ABC of practical visual grammar still relevant? 
How do we inspire the connections between the head, hand and body? 
Is the very idea of inspiration outmoded in the collaborative transnational network of the internet? 
What introductory education can lay the groundwork for the demands of the international art and design world? 
How might a 21st-century institution balance a student’s desire for individual expression and collective learning? 
What instructional methods, if any, remain relevant? What instructional methods, if absent, should appear on the foundation course curriculum? 

The hundred best proposals—those most original and innovative in pedagogy and technology—will be accepted for publication in the forthcoming work:

100 Assignments: The Future of the Foundation Course in Art and Design, published by Paris College of Art Press in June 2013

Six workshops will be chosen to represent the most innovative teaching at foundation level worldwide.  

Assignments will be taught at Paris College of Art as part of the The Foundation Course in Art and Design: A History Uncovered, A Future Imagined event on the 28th and 29th of June 2013. 

Chloe Briggs, Head of Foundation, Paris College of Art
Cally Clerke, Associate Dean Access and Progression, Central Saint Martins
Jay Rutherford, Professor Visual Communications, Bauhaus University
Vivian Sky Rehberg, Ph.D. art historian and critic, Course Director of the Master Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Institute and Head of the BFA in Art History, Theory and Criticism at Paris College of Art 
Hester Westley, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Tate National

Deadline: March 15, 2013
Successful participants notified: March 30, 2013

For further details contact: 
Chloe Briggs
Hester Westley


SACI Florence Italy
St Moritz Art Academy
The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Vermont College of Fine Arts
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague