Aalto University, Fine Arts MA Program

Teemu Mäki with Perkele Collective, 24 000 / Painting to Exorcise the Xmas with, collective painting, 2009.
Oil on canvas, 210 x 400 cm.
Photo by Teemu Mäki.

Aalto University, Fine Arts MA Program

Aalto University
Apply to Master’s Degree Program in Fine Arts in Aalto University until 15 February.

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One studies in the Master’s Degree Program in Fine Arts to become a contemporary artist. The duration of the studies is two years / 120 ECTS. The program was launched in 1994 (and back then its name was PALLAS MA Program of Fine Arts). The program has a societal/political emphasis: understanding the surrounding society is an equally important part of the studies as art history and art theory are. For us art is an integral part of society—not a separate reservation of “pure aesthetics.” We see art as a philosophical-political activity that comments on society, tests its values and practices and creates and proposes new ones. Art is not a hideout from the world but a way of understanding and changing the world.


Fine Arts MA Program takes in max 10 new students each year. The studies are a combination of theoretical studies and studio practice. Each student is expected to focus both on theory studies and on personal artistic work with equal intensity. To enable this  each student is provided with a personal studio space and other material resources his/her artistic practice requires.


The program is not tied to any single artistic medium: painters, media artists, performance artists, interdisciplinary artists etc. study side by side in the program  and we see this as a major advantage and an important form of cross-pollination. The program also aims to intensify the interaction of art and science, and of fine arts, design and visual culture too. It collaborates with other art universities and has an active international student and teacher exchange system. 


The program’s combination of practical and theoretical studies also encourages and enables its students to apply for doctoral studies after the MA-degree.


Teaching languages: English and Finnish, according to the needs of the students.


The program is lead by Artist/Professor (Doctor of Fine Arts) TEEMU MÄKI


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