October 16, 2018

Eyebeam Establishes Grant Program for Artist-Produced Journalism

NEW YORK—Eyebeam, the New York-based art and technology platform, has announced the launch of the Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism, a grant program supporting artists producing journalistic projects for major media outlets. The program is underwritten by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the philanthropic initiative led by the founder of Craigslist.

Grants will fund artists’ research, travel, and expenses to produce journalistic works not ordinarily supported by traditional media organizations. ECFJ will disburse grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 on a rolling basis for artists to effectively respond to over the long term to changes in the news cycle. Artists seeking funds for projects related to technology, politics and media, elections, and artificial intelligence are encouraged to apply.

ECFJ will be overseen by Marisa Mazria Katz, who will also serve as the center’s editorial director. Mazria Katz is currently Eyebeam’s editorial producer and was previously editor-in-chief of Creative Time Reports, the editorial project of the public art non-profit, which placed artists’ projects in publications including The Guardian, The Intercept, Al Jazeera, and Foreign Policy.

“I have seen firsthand how powerful artists’ work can be within the pages of major media,” Mazria Katz said. “Artists can be uniquely capable of creating journalistic piece that shift dominant news narrative, and a project like ECFJ ensures that more of them will be supported in this groundbreaking work.”

Roderick Shrock, Eyebeam director, said, “Eyebeam has for twenty years been a leader in supporting artists who are redefining the future of technology and society through creative practice. Critical journalistic practice by artists is very necessary now, in order to better understand the strange present. We are extraordinarily excited to focus our energy on this and are thrilled by its potential.”

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