April 10, 2018

Government Study Reveals Gender Pay Gap at UK Art Schools

LONDON, ENGLAND—In a government survey of organizations with more than 250 employees, seventy-eight percent of employers in the United Kingdom reported a pay gap between genders, Naomi Rea reports for Artnet News. The study found eight percent of employers reported no disparity between male and female employees and that women earned nearly ten percent less than men, at median. The study was conducted after reports surfaced in January 2018 of significant differences in wages between men and women at the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The country’s cultural sector, which employs more women than men on average, reported that women were paid fourteen percent less than their male colleagues. The national average was eighteen percent. Gender pay gaps were found at the largest art schools. At the Royal College of Art, women were paid nearly eight percent less and held forty-three percent of top paid jobs. Women held forty-eight percent of top paid jobs at Goldsmiths, University of London and were paid nearly six percent less than their male colleagues. University of the Arts, London employed a small majority of women in jobs but paid women nearly six percent less.

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