April 4, 2018

Hesse State Government Approves Funding for Three Documenta Professorships

KASSEL, GERMANY—The German state of Hesse has approved plans to finance three new professorships that will support research into the history and influence of Documenta, Catherine Hickey reports for the Art Newspaper. For 2018, the state has promised €180,000to fund the professorships, with a planned increase to €360,000 in 2019. The three professorships will be housed in the independent Documenta Institute and will be supervised by Nora Sternfeld, a professor at the Kunsthochschule Kasselspecializing in Documenta research. Appointments to the professorships have yet to be approved.

“This expertise will keep alive the history and success of this global art exhibition outside the actual five-yearly exhibitions themselves,” said Boris Rhein, Hesse’s minister for culture and science. “Together with the Documenta archive, the Documenta Institute and its research will turn the sixty-year history of the exhibition into a slice of art history.”

The Documenta Institute was established in June 2017during the fourteenth edition of the quinquennial exhibition with funds from the German federal government, the state of Hesse, the city of Kassel, Documenta gGmbH, and the University of Kassel. The Documenta Institute will also host the Documenta archive, which organizes materials from related to every edition since 1955, and is expected to cost €24 million to construct. The Documenta Institute“is intended as an international research and meeting space in an urban social context, which remains present for the public in the periods between the exhibitions of the Documenta.”

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