March 6, 2018

Washington State University’s Schnitzer Museum of Art to Open in April

PULLMAN, WASHINGTON—The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Washington State University will open to the public on April 6 with exhibitions of works by artists Trimpin, Marie Watt, and Jeffry Mitchell, and prints by Jim Dine. The new museum, designed by Jim Olson of the Seattle-based firm Olson-Kundig Architects, will offer six galleries and be led by interim director Anna-Maria Shannon.

The museum is named for Jordan Schnitzer, a real estate developer and collector of contemporary fine art prints. Schnitzer contributed $5 million to the museum’s $15 million construction cost. The museum at Washington State is the third Schnitzer has sponsored in the Pacific Northwest, following museums at the University of Oregon and Portland State University.

“Many people view museum as elitist, but I firmly believe that art is for everyone. I’m trying to take down those perceived walls. A university campus is just the place to do it,” Schnitzer said. “The arts are the highest ideals of every society. They are the ultimate legacy we leave for future generations. This new museum will reach out to every student on campus, every young person in the surrounding counties, every adult within hundreds of miles—providing activities that will enrich their hearts, minds, and souls.”

The Schnitzer Museum at Washington State Universtiy will be the largest in the state east of the Cascade Mountains and is expected to welcome 20,000 visitors per year. Nicknamed the “Crimson Cube,” the museum will host teaching and gallery space for fine arts students, as well as temporary and collections exhibitions. Entry to the Schnitzer Museum will be free of charge.

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