December 22, 2017

New York City Grants More Than $40 Million to Local Arts and Cultural Organizations

NEW YORK—The Cultural Development Fund of New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs has received $40.3 million in its largest-ever allocation of funding from the city. The grant money will be distributed to the city’s new CreateNYC cultural plan, spearheaded by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2015, as well as nearly 950 institutions.

“As an epicenter of culture, New York City is naturally one of the largest funders of the arts in the country,” de Blasio said in a statement. “Together with our partners in city council, we're taking steps to ensure New Yorkers in every corner of the city are able to participate in our unrivaled cultural life. CreateNYC gave New Yorkers the opportunity to speak up and be heard; and now we're building on our long history of supporting the arts while directing new funding to communities where it can do the most good.”

The city increased the amount of funding to be distributed to smaller organizations with $4 million to be allocated by the city council, and also designated $1.45 million for neighborhoods selected through the city’s Social Impact of the Arts report, which identified neighborhoods, mostly low income, where it believes cultural programming will have the greatest impact. Initiatives outlined in CreateNYC, the city’s roadmap for cultural priorites across the five boroughs, will receive $6.45 million.

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