September 25, 2017

Galleria Borghese Launches Caravaggio Research Institute

ROME, ITALY—Galleria Borghese, with the support of luxury fashion label Fendi, has announced the formation of the Caravaggio Research Institute, Artnet’s Kate Brown reports. The institute has been created to authenticate paintings by the sixteenth-century Italian painter Caravaggio following a string of controversial attributions of recently discovered works by independent art historians. The institute will be based in the Galleria Borghese and Fendi will contribute €1.3 million to its operations. It is expected to open in 2020.

The Caravaggio Research Institute will host an art-historical research study center, complete with a diagnostic lab with equipment for documenting known Caravaggio works through infrared and ultraviolet photography and stereomicroscopic examination. The Borghese’s new initiative will also compile a database of information on the artist and his work and manage an international exhibition program. The first travelling exhibition of works by Caravaggio in the Borghese’s collection will open at Los Angeles’s J. Paul Getty Museum on November 21.

At a press conference, Galleria Borghese director Anna Coliva said the institute’s formation was urgent “since the great specialists of Caravaggio are no longer here, anyone can decide to attribute a piece to the artist. The Caravaggio Research Institute is an ambitious project that wants to reintroduce within museums the most advanced research to make them producers of culture and not blockbuster exhibitions.”

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