August 30, 2017

Berggruen Institute Unveils Plans for New Los Angeles Headquarters

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—The Berggruen Institute, an independent think tank designed to address social, political, and cultural issues through policy committees and research fellowships, has revealed plans for its new home in the Santa Monica Mountains on Los Angeles’s Westside. The institute’s new headquarters will be designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the architects of the Tate Modern’s renovation and recent expansion, and will be located on a site just north of the Getty Center. The Berggruen Institute will also open an outpost in Los Angeles’s MacArthur Park neighborhood, Christopher Hawthorne reports for the Los Angeles Times.

The new 447-acre campus will feature a “gardened plinth” linear park, housing for up fifteen visiting scholars, a residence for the Berggruen family, and a building called “the Frame,” which will host spaces for study, meetings, and offices. The majority of the land will remain undeveloped and open to the public. Architect Jacques Herzog, comparing the plans to a contemporary monastery, said, “It will be a place of knowledge, or research, of curiosity, and also of some privilege at the same time. It will be something that ideally helps to make our societies work again at this difficult moment when nobody knows where things will go politically and even what democracy will be.”

The Berggruen Institute was founded in 2010 by billionaire art collector Nicolas Berggruen. Since 2016, it has awarded the Berggruen Prize for achievement in philosophy and the advancement of humanity and self-understanding; the first recipient was Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor. Berggruen is also the founder of the Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Berggruen Museum in Berlin.

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