July 2015

Bard MFA Class of 2016

Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College

Installation View: Ezra Tessler, Kyle Thurman, Benjamin Hyer

Installation View: Ezra Tessler, Benjamin Hyer, Ted Kennedy, Barb Smith

Installation View: David Roesing, Wilder Alison

Installation View: Zak Kitnick, Kyle Thurman, Nora Mapp

Installation View: Theodore Darst, Ezra Tessler, Zak Kitnick

Wilder Alison (Painting). "Hello!," 2015. Acrylic and pigment dispersion on wall.

Genji Amino (Writing). "Untitled," 2015. Primer, Sharpie, Art Alternatives Sketchbook.

Gill Arno (Music/Sound). "This time," 2015. Bell tones, electronics.

Daisy Atterbury (Writing). "Untitled," 2015. Wood panel, wood shelving, florescent tube lighting with case.

Ian Burnley (Film/Video). "Something Like 1972," 2015. Single channel digital video, staged in space.

Theo Darst (Film/Video). Installation View from the "Divergent Insurgent Series," 2015.

Taryn Haydostian (Photography). "Camelot," 2015. Video projection, book, shelf.

Benjamin Heyer (Photography). "Twin Cities Ford Plant®, A Way Forward®, Ford Site: A 21st Century Community®," 2015. Archival pigment print, adhesive.

Laurie Kang (Photography). "Mirror," 2015. Mirror polished aluminum, light sensitive emulsion, unpolished metal polish, vinyl and construction adhesive.

Shambhavi Kaul (Film/Video). "Hijack," 2015. 16mm/Video.

James Kelly (Music/Sound). "Vade Mecum," 2015. Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort), wheelbarrow, ladder, headlamp, gloves.

Theodore Kennedy (Film/Video). "Pseudo-reflex 1, Pseudo-reflex 3, Pseudo-reflex 2," 2015. HD video.

Zak Kitnick (Sculpture). "The Profit: Season 1, Episodes 1-55," 2015. Copper, photograph, resin and canvas on panel.

Bernd Klug (Music/Sound). "When I walked into the room," 2015. Strings, speakers, transducer, (contact) microphones, coils, magnets, steel, cable, I-Pod Shuffle, radio, radio scanner, electronics, gravel.

Natalie Labriola (Sculpture). "Cleanroom for Psychic Protection," 2015. Steel, heat pressed foil on vinyl, chains, Plexiglas, acrylic decals, Velcro, vents, lights.

Cecilia Lopez (Music/Sound). "Untitled," 2015. Sound/video installation, 40 minutes.

Nora Mapp (Writing). "Spring: spring," 2015. Mont Sainte-Victoire, malachite, lithop, paper.

David Roesing (Painting). "The Intern," 2015. Acrylic and various materials.

Felipe Meres (Photography). "Fission," 2015. Protein powders, testosterone gel, wheat grass, silicone rubber, foam tubing, epoxy putty,
inkjet prints on metallic paper and silk, powder coated steel, rare earth magnets, vulcanized mats, HD video, LED monitor, agar-agar.

Matthew Sepielli (Painting). "Parable of Arable Land," 2015. Oil on Canvas.

Barb Smith (Sculpture). "Blue marking chalk, handmade lead tubing, Memory Foam and Aqua Resin, cast aluminum fragment, marble countertop fragment,
Memory Foam covered in granite dust from a monument making shop with broken head stone, paraffin wax, chunk glass from Kokomo, IN, steel, Yule log cake pan, glass eyes, MDF, floor paint," 2015.

Ezra Tessler (Painting). "Either Oar," 2015. Oil and clay on linen. "One hundred sons," 2015. Oil on linen. "Twice-told tale," 2015. Oil on linen.
"Ether and Ore," 2015. Oil and clay on linen. "PDG," 2015. Oil and pigment on linen.

Krista Belle Stewart (Photography). "Sim – Real / Very," 2015. Jacquard weaving made by Ruth Schuling, original image taken by Benjamin Haldane in 1928,
a photograph of eight people from the Nisga’a territory, tube containing the fifth panel of "Sim – Real / Very," the panel depicts the missing man within the image.

Kyle Thurman (Painting). "a theater," 2015. Acrylic medium, fluid dispersion pigment, and burlap thread on linen. "a chapel," 2015. Acrylic medium, fluid dispersion pigment, and burlap thread on linen.
"before and after waiting," 2015. Plaster cast.

Johanna Tiedtke (Painting). "KÄTHE," 2015. UV-inkjet print, sepia pigment and oil on wood.

Nathan Young (Music/Sound). "We are Making a New World I," 2015. Sound installation.

Kyle Zynda (Sculpture). "untitled (labyrinth - strawberry)," 2015. Douglas fir, MDF, bonding primer, pencil, epoxy I.R.M., 2015 douglas fir, birch plywood, Bondo, primer, enamel.

Johanna Tiedke and Daisy Atterbury (collaboration). "And Play," 2015. Crystal, vinyl text and metal base.

Bard MFA, Graduating Class of 2016.

Founded in 1981 as the first of its kind, Bard MFA is a nontraditional school for visual, written and time-based arts. At Bard, the MFA community itself is the primary resource for the student—serving as audience, teacher, and peer group in an ongoing dialogue. Immersion in this community ultimately influences each artist’s practice, within the program and beyond. The community promotes diversity of approach, fosters imaginative responses and insights, and develops innovative solutions to aesthetic problems in all disciplines. In interdisciplinary group critiques with 80 students and 60+ noted faculty, discipline caucuses, one-on-one conferences and all school presentations, our students learn to address film/video, writing, painting, sculpture, photography, and music/sound. This low residency program takes place over two years and two months, with students in residence on campus during three consecutive 8-week summer sessions, and two winter sessions of independent study completed off campus. 2016 applications are due January 10 with program dates beginning June 6 through July 29.

The 2016 MFA candidates are: Genji Amino (Writing), Gill Arno (Music/Sound), Daisy Atterbury (Writing), Ian Burnley (Film/Video), Theo Darst (Film/Video), Taryn Haydostian (Photography), Benjamin Heyer (Photography), Laurie Kang (Photography), Shambhavi Kaul (Film/Video), James Kelly (Music/Sound), Theodore Kennedy (Film/Video), Zak Kitnick (Sculpture), Bernd Klug (Music/Sound), Natalie Labriola (Sculpture), Cecilia Lopez (Music/Sound), Nora Mapp (Writing), Felipe Meres (Photography), David Roesing (Painting), Matthew Sepielli (Painting), Barb Smith (Sculpture), Krista Belle Stewart (Photography), Ezra Tessler (Painting), Kyle Thurman (Painting), Johanna Tiedtke (Painting), Wilder Alison (Painting), Nathan Young (Music/Sound), Kyle Zynda (Sculpture).

Thesis Exhibition Coordinator, Humberto Moro, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, 2016.

Participating Artists

Genji Amino 
Gill Arno
Daisy Atterbury 
Ian Burnley
Theo Darst
Taryn Haydostian 
Benjamin Heyer 
Laurie Kang
Shambhavi Kaul
James Kelly 
Theodore Kennedy
Zak Kitnick 
Bernd Klug
Natalie Labriola 
Cecilia Lopez 
Nora Mapp
Felipe Meres
David Roesing
Matthew Sepielli
Barb Smith 
Krista Belle Stewart
Ezra Tessler
Kyle Thurman
Johanna Tiedtke
Wilder Alison
Nathan Young
Kyle Zynda

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