July 2015

Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art 2015 Exhibition

Goldsmiths, University of London

Himali Singh Soin. "Rift," 2015. 3D print of asteroid Eros (courtesy NASA) cast in terra cotta; 1 mi = 1 cm.

Saemundur Thor Helgason. ''Things to return to the store," 2015. Dyson AM05 Hot & Cool™ Nickel, Samsung UE48JU6500 Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 48″
with Freeview HD, Built-In Wi-Fi and Intelligent Navigation and a Panasonic SC-BTT505 Blu-ray Home Theater System. Photo by Manuela Barczewski.

Andrew Sunderland. "m A t E R i e L," 2015. Installation view. Wallpaper, 4x Speaker Cones, 2x Amps, 2x Media players, Lycra, Cotton, Plastic, Polystyrene, 4x wav. files.

Shelby Seu. Installation view, 2015. Oil, spray paint, and gesso on MDF. Photo taken by artist.

Aysha Almoayyed aka Asia Fuse. "Her Name Was Yolanda and We Loved Her Very Much," 2015. News print, ink, picture framing tape, 108 x 60 inches.

Maria Nikiforaki. "EYE WALTZ" 2015. Video (7' 07'').

Nicola Woodham. "Garg on the occasion of The Testament of Camera 26," 2015. Vocal performance with guitar effects pedal, security marker pen,
surveillance mirror, metallic material and UV light featuring guitar and percussion by BANKRUPSEA (Robin Bale). Photo Credit Pui Yin Wong.

Sophie Hoyle. "Membranes," 2015. Two-channel video installation with four-channel sound, 5 mins (on a loop). Photo by Rebecca Lennon.

Josephine Baan. "Woman Up," 2015. Photo by Rebecca Lennon.

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn. "The Unridden Realm," 2015. Single channel video, 7'39".

Min-Wei Ting. "Coming Attractions," 2015. Two-channel video, dimensions variable. Installation View.

Carl Gent. "Love's Small Song," 2015. Digital print on silk viscose, and daub. Photo by Suzy Dunford.

Ludovica Carbotta. "The original is unfaithful to the reproduction," 2015. Mixed media, variable dimensions. Installation view.

Maria Gorodeckaya. Installation view, 2015. Filler, dust, steel, beeswax, microcrystalline wax, mdf, ben wa balls, cock rings, spray paint, powder coat paint, flowers, plastic bottles, and beer cans.

Leonor Serrano Rivas. "Limbs describe curves," 2015. Video installation. Video projection on paper backdrop, recovered wood floor,
book, audio on three channel speakers, and objects ( metal, wood, fabric, rope, spray paint, cardboard, hoop, ropes and found objects).

Saranjit Birdi. "Relative Lines," 2015. Two-screen projection, 11 minutes duration (with bench, carpet tiles, and red tape—not in view). Photo by the artist.

Julia Gorostidi. "Punctum Junctions," 2015. Three-channel video installation (video loop 18:30). Photo by Ting Ting Cheng.

Sophie Jung. "The Name Moleskine Does Not Have An Official Pronunciation. The Company Claims It Is A 'Brand Name With Undefined National Identity,'" 2015. Mixed media, performance. Photo by the artist.

Alexandra Carter. From left to right: "As for the big toe," ink and hair on primed linen, 180x130cm; "Ariel's new feet," oil and ink on drafting film suspended from tension wire, 152x238cm; "Self-imitating gut lie (Lawyer's Triumph)," oil, ink,
and acrylic transfer medium on drafting film suspended from tension wire, 152x253cm; "Lady Liberty loves Medusa loves winning," oil, ink, and drafting film on wood panel, 85x85cm. Photo by Rebecca Lennon.

Derzu Campos "The Near and the Nigh," 2015. Two-channel video installation, surround sound, 3d prints, fabric, light. 22:02 minutes. Music composed and arranged by Siete Catorce. Photo by Audrey Salmon.

Nicolás Rojas Hayes. "You've Never Looked so Glum and Awkward," 2015. Wood (sapele, OSB), speakers, amplifier, steel, aluminium, modified power source, thixotropic resin, media players, video screens.

Nathasia Lubis. "Domestic_Psychotropicana (part of series)," 2015. 122x140 cm.

Sherko Abdul-Razaq. "When the wild instrument sing," 2015. Photo by Salar Saaid.

Sung Eun Chin. "W; Once upon a time," 2015. Acrylic on metal, digital print, digital video, stereo sound, size variable (site-specific installation).

Audrey Salmon. "I have been struggling to get in touch," 2015. Dual screen video installation with sound, 3:40, loop.

Sam Smith. "Slow Fragmentation," 2015. Chipboard, MDF, concrete, plaster, European Redwood, dimensions variable.

Maëlle Gross. "M E R S E A," 2015. Mix media. Photo by the artist.

Andreas Scholz. "Homesick (Cousins)," 2015. Concrete, gold. Dimensions variable. Photo by Andreas Scholz.

Eloïse Bonneviot. “TLAM – Booth Camp," 2015. Flat screen, computers, tents 3’sec decathlon, shelf, DVDs. Photo by Rebecca Lennon.

Karen Mc Lean. "White Shadows: Presence and Resistance," 2015. Tate & Lyle sugar, golden syrup, liquid glucose, water, cream of tartar, wire rope, aluminium bar, clear acrylic spray. Photo by the artist.

Inda Peralortega. "Nursery Plant," 2015. Mixed media installation, including indoors tropical garden and complicity with materials. Dimensions variable. Detail of plants manipulated by the artist.

Mark Robinson. "Rollendrith," 2015. HD video with four-channel sound, 5 min 23 sec.

Laura Durán. "Little House," 2015. Video installation.

Jonathan Shohet Gluzberg. "Tar-Lu-Gal (The Chicken King)," 2015. Mixed-media installation (detail). Photo by the artist.

Kyounghee Lee. "Technology Eats Nostalgia or Vice Versa: Remembering to Forget, Forgetting to Remember," 2015. Installation view. Photo by the artist.

The MFA Fine Art program at Goldsmiths helps students acquire a critical understanding of the creation and reception of contemporary art. Theory and practice are fully integrated with a strong emphasis on open discussion, peer-to-peer learning and the potential of each student to develop their abilities to the fullest. The MFA Fine Art inhabits a spacious studio complex in a converted Edwardian swimming baths at the centre of the Goldsmiths campus. Students set their own objectives and goals for their MFA, with a view to developing a coherent and sustainable individual practice. The program is built around one-to-one tutorials and seminars with permanent staff complemented by visiting artists, writers and thinkers chosen by the students themselves. Intellectual engagement with contemporary theory is facilitated though tutorials, lectures, seminars, workshops and reading groups. Our student-centred approach to teaching aims at helping students become artists who are independent, articulate, confident and self-motivated. The ethos is interdisciplinary, with students working together across disciplines. The program encourages students to engage with issues related to what it means to work as an artist today, and to reflect upon their practice in light of art’s complex history and its role in wider social and cultural processes.

Participating Artists

Sherko Abdul-Razaq
Aysha Almoayyed aka Asia Fuse
Josephine Baan
Saranjit Birdi
Eloïse Bonneviot
Derzu Campos
Ludovica Carbotta
Alexandra Carter
Sung Eun Chin
Laura Durán
Carl Gent
Maria Gorodeckaya
Julia Gorostidi
Maëlle Gross
Saemundur Thor Helgason
Sophie Hoyle
Sophie Jung
Kyounghee Lee
Nathasia Lubis
Karen McLean
Maria Nikiforaki
Inda Peralortega
Mark Robinson
Nicolás Rojas Hayes
Audrey Salmon
Andreas Scholz
Leonor Serrano Rivas
Shelby Seu
Jonathan Shohet Gluzberg
Himali Singh Soin
Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn
Sam Smith
Andrew Sunderland
Min-Wei Ting
Nicola Woodham

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