May 2021

California College of the Arts Graduate Fine Arts Class of 2021

California College of the Arts (CCA)

Siana Smith, 9.9.2020, 37.7018464419476, -122.40675640172758, 2021. Oil on canvas, 60 x 48”. Photo: Siana Smith.

Zihan Jia, Somatic Sensation, 2020. Gauze, wax, flexible foam, copper, and rubber, dimensions variable. Photo: Zihan Jia.

Xuebei Zeng, Distortion, 2021. Papier mâché, acrylic, watercolor, and latex bodysuits.

Lisha Peng, Aesthetic Lost, 2021. Ceramics and PVC.

Ebtihal Shedid, We didn’t part but we will never meet again - Part II, 2021. Archival pigment print.

Zhongyu Yuan, Free Range Visitor, 2020. Mixed-media installation.

Consuelo Tupper Hernandez, Foreign Neighbor, 2021. Handmade hardcover accordion book, 13 x 6”. Photo: Consuelo Tupper Hernandez.

Yiqing Sun, Sequeeze, 2020. Watercolor pencil, paper, and silkscreen frame. Photo: Youyou Ma.

Mia (Minyue) Zhou, Moult, 2021. Silicone, cosmetics, and pearls.

Abigale (Fan) Wu, Digital Collapsing, 2021. 3D rendering.

Wendy Liang, 2020 - The Year of Crises and Trauma, 2021. Watercolor on paper, 72 x 156”. Photo: Wendy Liang.

Ying Gu, Craving, 2020. Digital photography and typewritten print, dimensions variable.

Ann Li, Ouroboros I (“不言 is my middle name, but as I lay my yellow head on the cutting board I am delirious against the silence”), 2020. Digital collage, digital self-portrait photograph, and Instagram performance: @play_w_cc, 12 x 12”. Photo: Ann Li.

Claire Tetenbaum, In the Garden of the Harpy, 2021. Ink on paper, 9 x 12”.

Chenyu Zhu, Realism Representation, 2021. Digital photography and hollow paper boxes, dimensions variable.

Wenxin Li, Noise Point of No Return, 2021. Sound and acrylic. Photo: Cheng Wang.

Zhuojun Chen, 1/3 <Series Mushrooms>, 2020. Used audio equipment, clay, and silicone, 9 x 6 x 8”. Photo: Zhuojun Chen.

Julian Christopher James Harris, (clockwise from center) untitled #4, from the series conceptual emotion, 2020. Digital painting print, 2309 × 2309 px; (do) black lives matter!/?, 2020. Digital mixed media print, 2944 × 2195 px; untitled #12, from the series conceptual emotion, 2020. Digital painting print, 2208 × 2946 px; double trapped, 2020. Digital mixed media print, 2208 × 2946 px. Photo: Joseph Sanders.

Yaoxi Duan, Collection of Meats: Organic Boneless Chicken Thigh, 2021. Lumen print, digital scan, 5 x 5”.

The graduate program in Fine Arts at California College of the Arts celebrates its 2021 MFA degree candidates with a specially commissioned website. Showcasing the work of a cohort of emerging artists working across disciplines, the site has been conceived as a capstone celebration of two years of graduate work as well as an evolving response to the current moment of pandemic and its effects on artistic practice.


Organized by Glen Helfand, Kim Nguyen, and Marina Pugliese. Website design by Micah Barrett.

Participating Artists

Leonardo Barrera
Zhuojun Chen
Zoey Duan
Ying Gu
Liz Hafey
Julian Harris
Zihan Jia
Ann Li
Wenxin Li
Wendy Liang
Elizabeth Ordway
Aliya Parashar
Lisha Peng
Ebtihal Shedid
Siana Smith
Pamela Sun
Yiqing Sun
Claire Tetenbaum
Sonya Thorne
Consuelo Tupper Hernandez
Abigale Wu
Zhongyu Yuan
Xuebei Zeng
Minyue Zhou
Chenyu Zhu

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