June 2020

University of Arizona School of Art 2020 MFA Graduate Showcase

University of Arizona School of Art

Marisa Lewon, Balance, 2019. Wood, muslin, sand, acrylic house paint, metal fixtures, and thread.

Leah Netsky, Cactus Balls, 2019. Digital inkjet print, 17 x 22”.

Elena MaKanski, Soft Entities, 2020. Photograph, 11 x 17”.

Kaitlyn Jo Smith, InMass, 2019. Porcelain, dirt, PVA, 65 x 43”.

Zach Gotschalk, SUPpREss, 2019. Acrylic, wood, spray paint, chalk, conte, paper, found material on canvas/panel, 96 x 48”.

Kenzie Wells, Hoses in the Nighttime, 2019. Acrylic, bungee cord, vinyl, sand, and hardware on insular foam, 27 x 22.5”.

Mijoung Kim, Planet2, 2019. Monoprint, dry point, and mixed media on paper, 35 x 26”.

Kareem Ferreira, Boxing Day ’94, 2019. Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 74 x 50”.

Tamrin Ingram, Granny's, 2018. archival inkjet print, 17 x 17”.

Alex Turner, Night Sky with Passing Semi-Truck (1-Minute Exposure), 2019. Archival inkjet print, 15 x 12″.

Martin Krafft, Stuck (still), 2020. Video, 5 minutes 22 seconds.

Doresy Kauffmann, Years of Life Lost, 2020. Glass and slag rock, 1/35, 3 x 15”.

During the last year of their coursework, Master of Fine Arts students work closely with faculty to develop an original body of work that contributes to the discipline in novel ways. This requirement is the culmination of a three-year terminal degree program and an essential component of the completion of their degree. This showcase displays selections from the works produced by the University of Arizona School of Art class of 2020.

Participating Artists

Erin DiGiovanni
Kareem-Anthony Ferreira
Zach Gotschalk
Tamrin Ingram
Dorsey Kaufmann
Mijoung Kim
Martin Krafft
Marisa Lewon
Elena Katherine Makansi
Leah Netsky
Jared Robison
Marina Shaltout
Kaitlyn Jo Smith
Alex Turner
Kenzie Wells

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