LungA School ’17 / ’18

An entity staging its own existence.
And fall/winter/spring happened and here we are again.

If I had a gong, I would hit it now.

Twenty-nine artists have been part of this season.

We can only say thanks.
I’m very enthusiastic about all this.

Too much happened to even begin telling you about it.

And all exhibitions and performances are already done. And they were in Seyðisfjörður anyway, it’s too far for any of you to come by and see it. But if you’re lucky you’ll meet one of these people along the way. They are around.

So, I guess that’s it.
We’ll do it again next year.

Participating artists

Lin Halding Andersson
Sigurbjörg Lovísa
Haley Clark
Sunna Júlía Fiórðardóttir
Apolline Fjara
Christine Dellgren
Thuline Gins
Joanna Griffiths
Alba Liv Hansen
Tessa Hoder
Theis Oliver Faber Hunø
Kristín Ylfa
Sion Kim
Ard Kok
Galaxïa Roijade Konungur
Håkan Stergos Machlis
Jonas Morgenthaler
Courtney Munkres
Amanda Trine Appel Olsen
Ella Ostedgaard
Tine Suaning Leone
Amalie Hannibal Petri
Camille Ponthieux (Lola)
Christian Popp Mikkelsen
Mette Scheider Jensen
Bjarke Seitzberg Sørensen
Louise Spisser
Stephanie Um
Ella Kirstine Wiberg