October 2017

Intimate Zoo: Bard MFA Class of 2018 Thesis Exhibition

Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College

Ana Ratner, “Corner Polypore 1,” 2017. Fabric, dirt, charcoal.

Suzanne Kite “ziŋtkátȟó, wíhiyayela (bluebird, time),” 2017. China silk, silk chiffon, embroidery thread, glass beads; “tȟokȟáŋtaŋhaŋ (from elsewhere),” 2017. Video.

Katrina del Mar and William P. Campbell, “Archive/Legacy Project,” 2012-ongoing. Video on CRT monitor, archival pigment prints, ephemera.

Ruth Höflich, “still burning,” 2017. Inkjet prints, unfired clay, HD video with sound.

Cammisa Buerhaus, “Monica Lewinsky Live at the Theater of Dionysus,” 2017. Mixed media installation with audio equipment.

Exhibition view, 2017.

Sara Clendening, “Dutch For Tulip,” 2017. Trash bag, paper, tape, framed; “Harlequin Baroque Glass,” 2017. Paper, walnut, etched plexiglass, LEDs; “One-Way Screw,” 2017. Sand cast aluminum; “Stripped Driver,” 2017. Stainless steel, cast epoxy; “Queen of Night,” 2017. Fiberglass, epoxy resin.

Anastasia Kolas, “midtown wish pearl,” 2017. Digital print on sticker paper, frames, miscellaneous fabric ends, diamond plate, luan, wood gloss finish, glass, iridescent pigment powder, cement, iron pipe, photo turntable, led lights, video on monitor, audio, speaker.

Anastasia Kolas, “midtown wish pearl,” 2017. Installation view.

Zoran Starcevic, “Rambles Among Words,” 2017 (detail). Oil on magnetized steel and drywall screws, five parts.

Zoran Starcevic, “Sarmu Probo Nisi (Why You Leave So Early),” 2017. Silkscreen ink and oil on yoga matt, coupons, plastic, tar, Operation Warmth child’s jacket; “Tuesday,” 2017, Xerox print mounted on canvas, Xerox on bristol, oil and asphalt. “Dekalb,” 2017, video with sound on monitor, 57 second loop.

Ross Iannatti, “Deer”; “Pearls”; “Dogs,” all 2017. Archival UV print on aluminum; “Untitled,” 2014-17, silver, acrylic.

Jenni Knight, “Esteem Ceiling,” 2017. Metal, rubber, wood, plastic, paint, fabric, photo, pen, silkscreen, paper, LED.

Jenni Knight, “Esteem Ceiling,” 2017. Metal, rubber, wood, plastic, paint, fabric, photo, pen, silkscreen, paper, LED.

Scott Roben, “Shower, disco, basket,” 2017. Oil on canvas; “From, toward Painting No. 47, Berlin (Blank stare),” 2017. Oil on canvas. “Flimmer,” 2017. Oil on canvas.

Scott Roben, “Shower, disco, basket,” 2017. Oil on canvas.

Exhibition view, 2017.

Am Schmidt, “Me, Nine Weeks Pregnant,” 2016-17. Mixed media.

Or Zubalsky, “Coalitions,” 2017. Poplar, polyester film, rope, graphite, digital print.

Exhibition view, 2017.

Ian Cooper, “Sent to Collections,” 2017. Maple veneered MDF, poplar dowels, sprayed shellac and lacquer-based primer, sprayed waterborne paint, brushed and rolled acrylic paint, and aqueous screen printing ink with nylon, steel, aluminum and wooden hardware.

Exhibition view, 2017.

Heather Anne Halpert, “Accidental Anagram,” 2017. Animation.

Heather Anne Halpert, “Untitled,” 2017. Paint, oranges, steel, water.

Barrett White, “CLEARANCE (Deals too good to last),” 2017. Cardboard, clear packing tape, adhesive shipping labels, stretch wrap film, found pallet; “Untitled (Ori),” 2017. Plexiglas; “Panic Petes,” 2017. Cement.

Barrett White, “CLEARANCE (Deals too good to last),” 2017 (detail).

Lauren Anderson, “The Green Space,” 2017. Acrylic on paper; “Wall,” 2016-17. Homemade drywall, drywall, wood; “Packed,” 2017. Cardboard, foam, plastic, paste, acrylic, inkjet on paper, concrete; “The Stack (Excerpt),” 2017. TV paint on acetate, aluminum flashing, silicon, animation.

Lauren Anderson, “Wall,” 2016-17. Homemade drywall, drywall, wood; “Coping Joints,” 2016-17. Acrylic on dowels and putty, fan.

Exhibition view, 2017.

Ana Ratner, “no clear object (slides),” 2017. Many things.

Ana Ratner, “Corner Polypore 2,” 2017. Printed sock fabric, printed heart tissue wallpaper, charcoal.

Sarah Chow, “thinking being bodied,” 2017. Glass, clay, steel, poem, projections, monitor.

Sarah Chow, “thinking being bodied,” 2017 (detail).

Tavi Meraud, “Sill,” 2017. Shipping pallets, East River sand, stones and other salvaged materials from river shore, inkjet prints, fabric, projectors and speaker, live performance, car, another place.

Dmitri Zurita, “The question is which is to be Master—that's all,” 2017. Three-channel video installation; “LVE2LVE,” 2017. Single-channel video with sound; “Believing is Seeing Phantom Eggs Break; un diagrama,” 2017. Single-channel video; “Stanley’s Parable Remix,” 2017. Single-channel video with sound, game.

Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, “Lovescript,” 2017. HD video, 11:49 min.

Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, “Eva’s Face,” 2017. Two-channel projected HD video and single-channel HD video on monitor, 46:17 min.

Clara Lou, “The Furniture Supper Club,” 2017. Radio, MP3 player and FM transmitter.

Tanya Zamirouskaya, “Silence Fiction,” 2017. Reading and projection (presentation view). Image courtesy of Jon Wang.

Barrett White, “Commuter Cycle Structure,” 2017. Reading and projection, presentation view.

Founded in 1981 as the first of its kind, Bard MFA is a nontraditional school for visual, written and time-based arts. At Bard, the MFA community itself is the primary resource for the student—serving as audience, teacher, and peer group in an ongoing dialogue. Immersion in this community ultimately influences each artist’s practice, within the program and beyond. The community promotes diversity of approach, fosters imaginative responses and insights, and develops innovative solutions to aesthetic problems in all disciplines. In interdisciplinary group critiques with 80 students and 60+ noted faculty, discipline caucuses, one-on-one conferences and all school presentations, our students learn to address film/video, writing, painting, sculpture, photography, and music/sound. This low residency program takes place over two years and two months, with students in residence on campus during three consecutive 8-week summer sessions, and two winter sessions of independent study completed off campus.

The Class of 2018 Thesis Exhibition, Intimate Zoo, was on view July 22-30, 2017 at the Bard College Exhibition Center/UBS Gallery in Red Hook, NY. Presentations of performance, readings, and screenings of time based works took place on the Bard College campus during the evenings of July 24-27, 2017.

The exhibition was coordinated by Santiago Silva, MA ’18 Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College.

All images courtesy of Peter Mauney unless otherwise noted.

Participating Artists

Lauren Anderson
Cammisa Buerhaus
Sarah Chow
Sara Clendening
Ian Cooper
Katrina del Mar
Maryam Monalisa Gharavi
Heather Anne Halpert
Ruth Höflich
Ross Iannatti
Suzanne Kite
Jenni Knight
Anastasia Kolas
Clara Lou
Tavi Meraud
Joe Proulx
Ana Ratner
Scott Roben
Am Schmidt
Colin Self
Zoran Starcevic
Martine Syms
Barrett White
Tatsiana Zamirouskaya
Or Zubalsky
Dmitri Zurita

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