weißensee academy of art berlin

Entrance of weisensee academy of art berlin. Photo: Heike Overberg.

The weißensee academy of art berlin is one of a kind. To engage with themes and to develop ideas, students are offered a broad range of theory courses and opportunities to do practical as well as project-oriented work. This unique interdisciplinary approach is supported by the school's thirteen workshops, labs and studios. The exchange of ideas between the different disciplines is encouraged and supported all the way to the point when students finish their degrees. It enables them to develop the ability to think across boundaries, to take responsibility for contemporary problems, and to cooperate with a diversity of social groups. These overarching goals and the exposure to working with concrete problems provide students with unique challenges and promote imagination, creativity, and social responsibility. Seven full-time study courses scheduled for 10 semesters are provided, additional the full-time MA program spatial strategies scheduled for two years and the part time program MA art therapy which is scheduled for three years. About 60 professors, teachers and alternating visiting professors are members of the faculty and supervise about 850 students.

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