Contemporary Art Platform WARP

WARP is a visual arts platform that originated in 2006 and is based in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, and operates in the Waasland region. WARP is an acronym that stands for: Wase Artistic Projects. The verb "warping" refers to the creative transformation of an environment from a certain starting point.

Focussing on talent development enables us to establish long-term relationships with artists tied to a broad range of projects. This results in all kinds of collaborations and exhibitions with mainly new productions. Revealing, presenting, promoting, and referencing contemporary art is a core part of our organization.

A broad international scope establishes a stimulating frame of reference and provides our local footprint with continuous and challenging impulses. Our relationship with artists and partners including Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee; 0090, Antwerpen; Beeldenstorm-Daglicht, Eindhoven; Firestation, Dublin; and StudioOne & Schleife 18, Vienna have led to artistic projects in Antwerp, Bruges, Dublin, Eindhoven, Ghent, Kasterlee, London, and Vienna.

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