Summer Academy Traunkirchen

The summer academy at Traunkirchen is for those interested in and excited about the arts, with particular focus on painting, drawing, and sculpture. “Then do not forget, the art is not a goal, but a way“ – these words from the austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke characterise in a most distinctive way a fundamental fascination of art: art is probably one of the most exciting human “experiential ways“ of expression, but it is never attainable in the sense of a finalized goal. This fascinating experiential way of art offers many possibilities. One of the most inspiring of these is to set out together with other people, and be stimulated by the various art forms, transform impulses into form, swap ideas with others, in particular artists who have longstanding experience with these artistic media. When an exceptional local atmosphere such as the convent and its surroundings are added to the latter, the stimulation is even more extensive. The summer academy at traunkirchen offers all of these possibilities. We invite you to partake in this way of art with us.