School of Dance and Circus (DOCH) at Stockholm University of the Arts

The School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, known as DOCH, is an international higher education institution, offering specialist education to circus artists, dancers, dance teachers, dance pedagogues and choreographers. We also offer continued education to practising artists and teachers. At DOCH, high quality goes hand in hand with scope for innovation and critical reflection. Our goal is to train independent performers, artists and educators who are well equipped to meet the challenges of the profession and promote the arts of circus and dance. 

Since it’s founding in 1963, DOCH has evolved into a leading institution for artistic education and research in the field of dance and circus. In 2014 DOCH joined the University College of Opera, Stockholm and the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts to establish the Stockholm University of the Arts, with the aim of creating a leading environment for international education and research.