The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts, established in 1754, is a state driven school that offers all aspects of a superior fine art education: teaching, professional growth, and research within all aspects of the visual arts. The education consists of a three-year BFA general study program and a three-year MFA study program with four professional specializations: Sculpture, Painting, Media Arts, Conceptual & Contextual Practices. The objective of the study programs is to develop the students’ artistic practice and prepare them for a subsequent career as professional artists. This is done through one-on-one tutorials, extensive instructions and teaching in technical, practical and theoretical aspects of art, and through collective discussions and critical analysis of the work done by fellow students and by other artists. Managing one of Scandinavia’s largest spaces for contemporary art, Kunsthalle Chalottenborg, this part of the institution has a natural interaction with the public through talk and exhibition programs, and each year in April and May the Kunsthalle houses the Academy’s MFA degree show. Guest teachers from abroad and an international faculty are the core components of the international MFA study program. Artistic research is a strategic priority and is monitored at the Institute for Art, Writing and Research, housing a number of PhD and postdoctoral students and offering courses in writing, art theory and research based practice.

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