Museum der Weltkulturen, Frankfurt

The Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt am Main was founded in 1904 and boasts a unique collection of 67,000 artifacts from all over the world. Located in three nineteenth-century villas on Frankfurt’s museum embankment, the Museum produces public exhibitions, offers scientists, authors and artists new research commissions and develops innovative educational concepts. In the exhibition year 2012 the Museum enters new conceptual ground next to its “classic” exhibition operations: selected international artists and fashion designers prepare exhibitions in which century-old artifacts are reinterpreted in the context of our time. With the guidance of the museum curators and international guests, the visitors are invited to creatively delve into global questions.

Weltkulturen Museum
A museum of the city of Frankfurt
Schaumainkai 29-37
60594 Frankfurt
Hours: Tuesday 11am–6pm,
Wednesday 11am–8pm,
Thursday–Sunday 11am–6pm

T 0049 (0) 69 212 31510
[email protected]