Institute for Contemporary Art at Graz University of Technology

IZK Institute for Contemporary Art (Institut für Zeitgenössische Kunst) is part of the Faculty of Architecture at the Graz University of Technology. Founded in 1975, it has a rich history of art education positioned at the intersection of technological innovation, spatial practice, and contemporary art.

Since 2015 under the leadership of Milica Tomić together with Dubravka Sekulić, Simon Oberhofer, and Philipp Sattler, the institute is committed to exhibiting as a way of dislocating teaching into the public sphere while reassembling subjugated knowledges. It establishes frameworks for longterm investigative and research projects focused on contemporary urgencies in collaboration with Antonia Majača and Wilfried Kühn as heads of research together with Anousheh Kehar and Dejan Marković.

The Institute promotes critical thinking and new forms of artistic and intellectual engagement at the intersections of art, science, and society. Nurturing transdisciplinary art-based research and generating investigatory and long-term projects are equally important to the academic programs. Our students are encouraged to reflect conditions, media, and instruments of contemporary art while engaging with the complexities of spatial politics and its relation to society at large.

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