Estonian Academy of Arts

Established in 1914, the Estonian Academy of Arts is the only public university in Estonia offering 30 different curricula in the four faculties of architecture, design, art culture and fine arts.

Currently there are more than 1200 students enrolled in the Academy, with many participating in exchange programmes at top international universities. The Academy welcomes motivated people who are visually and socially sensitive and want to develop their thinking abilities, opportunities, and potential as creative people. The goal of the Academy is for graduates to be able to function successfully in society and work as independent creators and thinkers. That is why the curricula are formed in such a way as to develop the analytical ability and critical thinking of students. Every programme includes philosophy, history of art, aesthetics, and foreign languages. The lecturers and instructors are professionals in their field -internationally recognised artists, architects, designers, historians, and scholars. Visiting lecturers from universities in Estonia and abroad are regular guests.

While offering a wide selection of specialities, the Academy also offers unique, individualised study and personal mentorship by members of the faculty. The departments are strong bodies of competence on their own, while at the same time facilitating synergy and interdisciplinary studies. Many faculties have been operating for close to a century. They have lengthy experience and historical continuity, and also pioneer change in their field.



Two years, full-time


Animation, Contemporary Art, Design and Crafts (subdisciplines: Ceramics, Glass Art and Design, Jewellery and Blacksmithing, Textile design, Leather Art and Accessory Design, Fashion Design), Interaction Design, Interior Architecture, Urban Studies, Design and Technology Futures, Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies, Art and Design (PhD)