École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux

The Fine Arts School of Bordeaux is an active contributor to the development of contemporary art throughout the Bordeaux area and the wider New Aquitaine region, and has a strong presence both nationally and internationally.

The Fine Arts School of Bordeaux prepares the students for the following certified degrees: the DNA Art option / Design option (National Art Degree, 3 years, Bachelor’s level) and the DNSEP Art option / Design option (National Postgraduate Degree in Fine Arts, 2 years, Master’s level).

Identified by its singular coloration that mixes entrepreneurial and collective culture, the EBABX has been dynamically building partnerships with multiple institutions of higher education, as well as museums, cultural institutions and associative structures in France and abroad.

By creating the possibility of circulation across a wide variety of artistic practices and theoretical fields, the EBABX has chosen to create the necessary conditions for students to become the authors of their own artistic development.

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