De Ateliers

De Ateliers is an independent artists' institute, founded in 1963 by artists, for artists. The institute focuses on intensive guidance of young, talented artists from within the Netherlands and abroad. The monumental building in the centre of Amsterdam offers 23 spacious studios at the disposal of artists who wish to develop their artistry to the highest level. A working period at De Ateliers spans two years. Every week on Tuesday, prominent artists and critics visit the studios individually. Their feedback helps participating artists to articulate their own work.

Though comparable to a post-academic program, de Ateliers is not an educational institution. Its policies are determined by the supervising artists. As an internationally renowned institution, De Ateliers receives financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, the Mondriaan Fund and the Ateliers Support Fund. De Ateliers is a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) with a minimal overhead. All revenues are invested directly into the quality of the guidance of the participating artists.

De Ateliers welcomes young artists at the beginning of their professional development. Participants apply for a bursary in their home country. For those who don’t have this option, a stipend is available.

In close collaboration with housing association Stichting Ymere, De Ateliers also assists participants in finding a suitable place to live in Amsterdam. De Ateliers rents out 18 rooms located on three addresses in Amsterdam Centre, Amsterdam East and Amsterdam South-East. The rental of the living quarters is strictly confined to the working period at De Ateliers.

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